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To My Future Employer (Whoever That May Be)

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I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for bringing me onto your team and helping me to see how I can change the world through my deliberate actions and unique skills.

I want to give you a heads up before we begin this journey. There will be times that I make you proud, and we smash our goals. Yet also, there will be times that I fail and disappoint you.

No matter what, I will always do my best and stick to the vision we have collectively agreed upon. I will treat each person in the company like family and lead from a place of love — always.

The real reason that you hired me is because of my mindset, not my experience. You could have hired a ‘Cookie Cutter Yes Man’ or “Yes Woman” but you didn’t, you hired me.

Know that from this day forward, I will work to serve our mission and to delight our customers with transformational experiences that leave them with positive emotions.

On that note…

Positivity will be at the centre of everything I do. Even when we miss a milestone or make a mistake, we will always turn that challenge into a positive experience.

We will do this by seeing everything that happens from that moment on as learning. Learning is always cheaper than thinking we have all the answers — we don’t.

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Whether I am given the title of ‘leader’ or not I will act like one. I will lead by example and spread my truth. That truth is this:

“Doing the right thing is always the right thing.”

When all else fails, we’ll make decisions with this ethos front and centre.

I’ve followed this mantra religiously lately. The result, I have found is that it has led to nothing but love, positivity, respect and fulfillment.

I want these very feelings to be experienced by everyone in the company and that is why I will spread this message.

Low moments.

If you haven’t figured this out already, I’m human. There will be periods when I go through hard times.

This may be sickness, death of someone close to me, failure, financial hardship — etc. You may also go through the same thing. Just like I know you’ll support me, I will do the same for you.

I’ll be that trusted coach that tells you to keep going even when you feel like garbage and I want you to do the same for me. I want you to know that I believe all of our human problems are the same — that’s why, in a seriously cool way, we’re all connected.

What’s even more crazy is that, it’s this connectedness that is going to bring customers, suppliers and partners into this business when I join.

People are going to want to do business with us because they feel connected to what we’re doing and the values that we stand by!

We don’t talk, we listen.

I’ll listen to you and you’ll listen to me. That’s the common courtesy that we will give each other.

Throughout my career, I have gained more in terms of success, money, ideas and strategies through listening than I have through talking. Hearing myself talk is not that exciting to me anyway.

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We’ll commit to growth.

No matter what, we’ll try and do business slightly better than we did yesterday. We’ll improve with small steps, and at times — we’ll also make progress through giant steps too.

How long am I here?

As long as we can create mutual value together and it feels right, I will be by your side. Think of this relationship like a marriage.

We both do our part and the business will be better because of it. We create magic together and that allows us to do more of what we love doing.

The bad news is nothing lasts forever. One day, one of us will die. That means we need to make the most of everything we do right now because our future together is not guaranteed.

If we’re going to be in this relationship together, then we might as well have one hell of a ride at the same time. We may as well be grateful for this amazing journey!

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To celebrating the victories.

To changing lives together.

To being humble in the shadow of our success.

To treating our customers the best way we can.

To changing the world together one day at a time.

Whoever you are, I look forward to working with you.

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