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Reading Books Will Help You Build These 7 Habits

Episode 23 of The Mission Daily

Books are a powerful technology that allow us to do more with less. By taking the time to quiet the mind and read, we unintentionally build positive habits that will help in all other aspects of life.

Tune in to hear the first 3 (of 7) habits that reading will help build!

Listen to Episode 23: Reading Books Will Help You Build These 7 Habits

The Mission Daily is a podcast dedicated to accelerated learning and helping you become healthier, wealthier, and wiser. It is designed to help you learn — as fast as you possibly can.

From the Archives

The Story After Show LIVE from the Trailblazing Women Event

Join Chad Grills and Ian Faison at The Trailblazing Women Event where they meet up with Salesforce’s Lynne Zaledonis. In this episode, they discuss:

  • The importance of mentors and mentorship
  • The career of famous cosmetic founder and entrepreneur, Bobbi Brown
  • The 3 recurring themes from The Story Podcast heroes

News That Matters


Can your anxiety actually make you a better worker?

Maybe. According to a recent research study of anxious employees — AKA the theory of workplace anxiety (TWA) — there are dark and light sides of anxiety. Learning how to maximize those light sides could lead to increased productivity in the workplace. By simply being aware of what’s causing your anxiety, you can harness it and make it work for you.

“In that regard, the TWA identifies motivation, ability, and EI as fundamental to guiding workplace anxiety toward a facilitative path. Motivation, as outlined in the TWA, gives anxious individuals impetus toward engaging in self-regulatory processing behaviors required to boost performance. From this perspective, it is critical that anxious employees find the intrinsic motivation that drives the joy in their work.”

Take a look at the entire study here.


And you thought your cell phone bill was massive …

Samsung has a $533.3 million bill to pay to Apple after a U.S. court ruled that the smartphone makers had infringed on Apple’s patents for the original iPhone.

In the original filing of the case, which Apple won, Apple sought $2.5 billion in damages, while Samsung argued that it only owed their rivals $28 million. The battle has been ongoing since 2011 and has included Supreme Court rulings about how patent infringement payments are calculated and various appeals.

For more on the latest in this saga, check here.


We don’t need to tell you to breathe, but we do want to tell you that there’s a way to breathe better — which will help with those darker sides of anxiety we mentioned up top.

Retired Navy SEAL Mark Divine describes his method as box breathing, and he says that by following the steps he lays out, you’ll very quickly feel much more alert and ready to take action.

Here’s how you do it:

- Expel all the air from your chest, and keep your lungs empty for four long counts.

- Inhale through your nose for four long counts.

- Hold the air in your lungs for four long counts. (Divine adds: “When you hold your breath, do not clamp down and create back pressure. Rather, maintain an expansive, open feeling even though you are not inhaling.”)

- Exhale smoothly through your nose for four counts.

- That’s one “rep.” Divine recommends doing the practice for five minutes minimum to experience the benefits.

Learn more about the breathing routine here.

Tech Trends

As the Earth continues to warm, scientists are still trying to understand what effect that warming is having on the ice sheets covering Antarctica.

But the frozen tundra has proven difficult to research — for humans that is. To get more data than is possible for humans to gather, scientists are relying on sensors attached to the heads of deep-diving seals. In the span of a year, these sensors have provided the researchers 6,700 good, usable profiles of the Antarctic ice and water. (For reference, prior to the seals, it had taken researchers 20 years just to get 1,000 usable profiles.)

Scientists hope to use the seal-acquired data to pin down exactly how much warmer ocean temperatures erode the glaciers and ice sheets in the arctic — critical data that will determine how we plan to combat or adjust to climate change.

More info (and cute pictures of seals) here.

Marketing Trends

There’s room for everyone outside! ☀️ ☀️

We just need people to actually go outside and see it for themselves, which may require a little ‘rebranding’ of the outdoors.

In California, a new proposition is being voted on to devote $4 billion to creating and/or upgrading parks and outdoor spaces in spots where they are sorely lacking — i.e. urban neighborhoods.

“By funneling money toward urban areas, Prop 68 signals a major shift …Prop 68 focuses on per-capita grants so that parks with the highest user base receive the most funding.

‘I’m in my local park so often that I’m aware of the changes in it, I’m aware of the maintenance in it, I’m aware of the seasonal shifts,’ says Rue Mapp, founder of Outdoor Afro, an organization bent on getting more black people outside. ‘That, to me, is the heart of this bill. It’s just about building that close-to-home way of relating that fits into the lives of busy working families.’”

More info here.

The Best of What We Are Listening To

Season 3 of The Story Podcast is live! Season 3 features 12 technology trailblazers whose businesses have changed the world. Learn the stories behind the technology that we surround ourselves with every day. 🤓 👩‍💻

Listen to Episode 1: Paranoid and Loving It.

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