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Transforming Business Strategies to Build Customer Trust

PwC’s first-of-its-kind business reorganization and steps the 160-year-old company has taken to roll out its new marketing strategy

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Taking a customer-centric approach is difficult. It requires not only thinking differently, but ignoring your own personal agenda for the greater good of the company. But putting the customer first also requires trust and it requires a top-down effort from everyone involved.

That’s why PwC’s remodeling of its business strategy is different. “The New Equation” as it’s called, is not just a motto, it’s an entire strategy based on the principles of building trust and helping PwC customers keep up with the pace of change. And the key to any successful marketing strategy begins with a top-down approach and a relentless focus on implementation.

“I don’t think any strategy is perfect, nor do I think any strategy needs to be perfect. What needs to be better is the execution of that strategy,” said J.C. Lapierre, US Chief Strategy and Communications Officer at PwC “All of our people fundamentally understand what we’re doing, but it’s the getting the confidence in that story and making sure that they really feel supported.”

PwC finds itself in a precarious position. Organizations are faced with challenges they’ve never encountered before and the past at which those enterprises are evolving is more quickly than most can handle.

“We are a 160-year-old legacy organization that’s built its brands on delivering trust, quality, and independence to the capital markets,” she said. “Where we thought we had flexibility was to say our clients are facing a different set of issues than what they faced before. Let us tell the story.”

To hear how PwC is helping to tell the story of its customers, while undergoing its largest business strategy overhaul, check out the full episode of Marketing Trends.

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