Unconditional love

A poem by Jessica Semaan

I feel scared about getting older

It’s ok. in my eyes, your youth is timeless

I feel that I missed the boat

It’s ok. My boat will forever dock waiting for you

I feel that I am not enough

It’s ok. You mean the world and the 7 seas to me

I feel that I can’t do it

It’s ok. There is nothing you need to do for me

I feel that I am too much

It’s ok. You are just enough for me

I feel that I am too little

It’s ok. You are just the right size for me

I feel afraid that you might leave

It’s ok. I will be there and won’t leave

I feel like I want to leave you

It’s ok. Leave, and I will be patiently anticipating your return

I feel that I love you too much

It’s ok. Our love is beyond too much or too little

I feel that I should have loved you way sooner

It’s ok. For you have loved me without knowing it since the beginning of time

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