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Understanding the Modern Marketing Stack

Strategies to help marketers understand their marketing stack and successful SMS marketing strategies

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Automation is hot. It’s new, exciting and it’s sexy. And let’s be real for a second, everyone loves it when their job gets just a little bit easier. Every day, new tools are added and implemented into the modern marketing stack, and personalization tools and chatbots are being used with more and more regularity But how can we optimize those tools even more? What does the optimal marketing tool look like?

“The most overlooked thing is people forget that people are human,” Dan McGaw said. “They use automation to make a bunch of robots, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t like hanging out with robots, I like hanging out with people. And if your marketing makes me feel like I’m a human and I’m interacting with a human, I’m usually going to be much, much more engaged.”

But how do you get people to effectively engage with your brand or product? You do it by reaching out and connecting with them on the things that matter most. And in order to do that you must be able to effectively profile and convert potential customers.

“We love personalization,” McGaw said.”I can’t stand it when I sign up for the Banana Republic email list and the first thing I get is, ‘Check out our summer selection,’ and it’s full of skirts and blouses. I love to buy clothes for my wife, but come on. My email says, Dan McGaw. Do some profiling. We do a lot of progressive profiling and data enrichment with our clients. Give me your email, it could be dog@gmail.com. We’ll ping an enrichment API and we’ll ask that API, ‘Hey, who is this person? What do you know about it?’ And it will tell us your first name, your last name, they’ll tell us your interests. What kind of vehicle do you drive. What type of interest do you have.”

McGaw is the founder and CEO of McGaw.io, a company that focuses on helping marketers get the most out of their technology stack. On a recent episode of Marketing Trends, Dan details how marketing tools can and should become more human, and he explains the key obstacle that prevents marketers from having a clean revenue-generating funnel. Plus he reveals the one big tweak every marketer should make to their SMS channels to drive better results.



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