Use Fortune 500 Tools To Acquire New Customers

From 1st party data to DMP segmentation to activating ads through DSPs

Sean M Everett
Aug 3, 2017 · 6 min read

I. Setting the Stage

We’ve built quite a few consumer, enterprise, and industrial-grade technologies over the last decade. From inventing novel technologies to basic bug-fix blocking and tackling, software is always software and business is always business.

When you think about Emerging Tech, you probably think rocket ships and autonomous robotics, next-gen materials like graphene and mxene, VR/AR, and of course biologic intelligence. But what you probably don’t spend much time considering is state of the art marketing and advertising technology.

But you should. Because the massive amount of capital that flows through these systems every year is astounding:

Google is straight killin’ it. But hold your horses. Did you know that marketing budgets are now bigger than advertising? We’re going to pause for effect…marketing is bigger than advertising.

There are now 5,000 MarTech companies in existence up from a paltry 150 in 2011. That’s insane growth, mostly due to the SAAS and cloud business models. You might have seen this market map a million times already, but here it is again for effect:

And now P&G, the world’s biggest advertiser, is slashing their own ad budgets, trying to reduce waste against bots and take a more generalized approach to Facebook, all while hypertargeting is picking up steam across the rest of the industry. But you might be asking yourself, “how does this massive machine work at the highest levels?” and “what’s the difference between a DMP and DSP?”.

Why so many acronyms! How does this all work?

That’s what we’re here for.

II. MarTech Cheat Sheet

We first need to get you up to speed with some of the terminology. So we created a glossary of terms to help you break into this death-defying world of wonder.

Don’t worry, though, nobody is using your Personally Identifiable Information (PII). It’s against the law and privacy is taken very seriously. It all happens through browser cookies, website tags, IDs, and anonymization. All that’s left is demographic and psychographic data where people are grouped together in certain buckets called Segments and then fed into advertising software to (hopefully) show you something you’re already interested in.

Find out how this is all done at the highest levels of business below.

DMP: Data Management Platform

DSP: Demand Side Platform

DMP Terms

Data Onboarding Process

1st party data (most valuable)

3rd party data

2nd party data

Onboarding Platforms: brings offline data into DMP

Connects online data with offline data


Data Source Gotchas



Questions for Customers

III. Brand Case Studies

We’ve also pulled together a spreadsheet showing case studies of major brands using DMPs to great effect. We’re still adding to the database, but you can see their industry, size, DMP of choice, goals, strategy, and results.

Finally, we’ve also included links to Forrester’s Q2 2017 research reports selecting the best DMP (read: Salesforce and Adobe) and omnichannel DSP providers (read: MediaMath and Adobe) so you can get as smart as possible.

As you might expect, there are consulting teams hired by these big F500 firms to help spend their money wisely. It exists as a counter balance and check against the agency side of the business that creates the content and often does the purchasing of ads, programmatic or otherwise.

We hope you find this valuable. Reach out if you need help.

Sean Everett

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A network of business & tech podcasts designed to accelerate learning. Selected as “Best of 2018” by Apple.

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