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Using Content to Power Business Decisions

How integrated content shops are helping brands create engaging, scalable content

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Genna Franconi has been in digital marketing so long, she fondly remembers the day she pushed out the first Instagram post for Barbie. But social media marketing has changed significantly since those days. These days, lone marketers aren’t the ones worried about hitting send on a post at the right time. Instead, brands now have teams of social content creators who monitor trends and leverage a brand’s voice to get personal with consumers and entice and engage them at each point of the buying journey.

“For years we have been saying that brands do not need to be investing in organic content, Franconi said.”That makes a ton of sense. But if you’re trying to participate in a cultural conversation by throwing out content that is old school, those days are over. Now marketing is really sophisticated and marketers are using the channels to reach these audiences. We’re not screaming through a megaphone. Now we’re laser-targeting people to give them something that’s either helpful or educational within their buying path.”

One of the ways that marketers are organically targeting audiences today is through the use of influencer marketing, which allows brands to organically connect with an audience through the use of a trusted person. But Franconi said that as influencers rise as a trusted source, agencies such as Trade School are also competing for brand’s ad dollars with them.

“I think about influencers as competitors to creative agencies, creative enterprises and content agencies, because they hold in their hands with their iPhones essentially what used to require a $30,000 camera,” Franconi said. “They can create, they’ve got editing technology, and it’s more than just the ring lights, but the democratization of content creation is no more evident anywhere then than there.”

Franconi is the founder and CEO of Trade School, an integrated content shop that works with big brands such as Home Depot and FedEX. On a recent episode of Marketing Trends, she revealed just how the social media landscape has evolved from the wild wild west of marketing, to an integral piece of every marketer’s toolkit. Plus, Franconi touched on the evolution of influencer marketing and why it’s important that every brand and creative agency understand why and how to effectively deploy a successful influencer strategy.

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