Wanna say “Thanks”? Send a “Coffee/Beer” instead.

Gifts delivered via Vidzy
Technology makes us look cool, but it is also making us “cold”!

Virtual connections are broken:

Technology simplifies our real-life actions and saves time so that we can be more efficient. Technology is addictive because humans are lazy and anything that helps us in getting back to “lazy” mode is addictive. But regular use of technology also changes our behaviour and slowly affects some important aspects of life. Take social networking for example; it helps us in quickly connecting with friends and like-minded people but when it comes to showing people that you care, it lacks the human touch. Messaging apps, although a great way to keep in touch with friends and colleagues also makes us lazy and discourages us to not take that extra step required to build a stronger relationship.

Relationships 2.0:

We started brainstorming on how we can use technology to solve this problem. Gifting is one of the oldest ways to build stronger relationships, and it almost always works. But real life gifting is extremely complicated, so we decided to start small and simple. We picked the use case of loosely connected relationships (where the connection is warm enough but you want to make it stronger) and we combined it with a casual gifting experience which is delivered with lots of love and surprises. Here are few scenarios in which we want people to use our product, Vidzy:

  • Saying “Thanks” to an advisor.
  • “Congratulating” a colleague.
  • Conveying “Thinking about you” to someone special.

We are using technology to make gifting extremely simple for both gifter and giftee. But we also add a human touch at the point of delivery to make the whole experience delightful. Here is how we do it?


Keep the gifts “Simple and habitual”:

Coffee and Tea are the most consumed beverages in the world. People drink them multiple times each day. Beer and Wine are the most consumed alcoholic beverages. Our decision to keep these as gifting options comes from two important factors-

  1. Price: We have priced coffee at $10, beer at $20 and Wine starts with $25 (inclusive of delivery and a great experience). This price point makes it easier for people to gift without having a second thought.
  2. Choice: Since these beverages are consumed a lot, it makes a great gifting choice. Most of the times a gifter would know if the giftee likes to drink coffee, beer, wine etc or not and hence the chances of giving a gift which will be liked are high.
Gifter should be able to gift within 20 seconds

When we think about gifting, usual gifts that come to our mind are flowers, chocolates and teddies; usual occasions we think of are birthdays and anniversaries; and usual people we gift to are mostly loved ones and close friends. Gifting becomes complicated because all the onus is on gifter, surprisingly the person who is paying for it. Gifter needs to take care of the type of gift, the price of gift, giftee’s address, choices & preferences and above everything else; making the giftee “happy”!

Solving this problem is of course not easy. So, we have thoughtfully tried to remove as much problems for gifter as possible. For e.g. no need to know recipient’s address, her availability or coffee preferences. Our intelligent system takes care of all of that by chatting directly with giftee and encouraging her to fill out the preferences. Our delivery guys (the co-founders at the moment 😉) then deliver the gift accordingly. A gifter simply selects the giftee from Phonebook, decides what to gift, add a video wish and pay (in around 20 seconds). We then take care of rest.

App Flow: Push few buttons and send a gift
Make the gifting experience “Personal and Delightful”

Most important factor while gifting is the personal touch. You need to make sure that even when the giftee understands that gifter has used technology to gift, it shouldn’t feel emotionless. We do two things to try and solve this problem-

  1. Enabling a personal video wish of 11 seconds. And then enabling video conversation between gifter and giftee on the same video wish.
  2. Controlling the delightful end user delivery and adding surprises to make the giftee feel special-
Red wine, ready to be gifted!
Customer feedback and word of mouth

We started our humble journey 3 weeks back and friends who have given Vidzy a try, loved it! So much so that “friends of friends” have now started tweeting about the service-

Chad Kaul Tweeting about the beer received as gift from Pavan
Mada Seghete (Co-founder Branch) tweeting about the wine gift sent by Rish Gupta

It’s just a start and we are growing organically, with the vision of spreading happiness everyday. We are taking small steps and making our product better by learning directly from end user’s experience. Our goal is to do first 100 deliveries ourselves and understand the nuances of gifting. We are looking for customers who believe in our vision.

If you liked our idea and want to try Vidzy, here is something special for you- Use ‘DELIGHT’ gift code to get 50% off on your first gifting experience.

So what next?
  • Gifting via “Messenger” bot and “Slack” bot.
  • More categories of gifting.
  • More magic!

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