Welcome to Season 8 of The Story Narrated by Alec Baldwin

Hear Eight Stories of Veterans Who Changed The Way We Live

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May 8 · 4 min read

Food For Thought

May Is Military Appreciation Month

As a veteran-owned media company, we understand the sacrifice our military members and their families make every day. That’s why we are so excited to be able to celebrate Military Appreciation Month with one of our (all time!) favorite actors!

That’s right! The Story is back for another season and this time it is narrated by award-winning actor Alec Baldwin. 🥳

Season 8 uncovers the little known backstories of eight veterans who have built companies, products, inventions, and brands that have changed the way we live. In each episode, Alec shares the painful, inspiring, and breakthrough moments of military heroes whose lives have shaped our culture. From business titans and groundbreaking explorers, to famous actors and government spies, you’ll learn how they did it.

This season of The Story also features an exclusive interview and after-show with Alec Baldwin that will be released to close out the season. 😎

Want to learn more about the season and hear fun teasers? Check out our trailer here. Episodes one and two are already live! Give them a listen below:

Ep 1: There Are No Mistakes — This is the story about an Air Force master sergeant who needed a change of scenery.

Ep 2: 67 and Counting — This is the story of a man who escaped death, hopped from job to job, and went on to shape American culture as we know it.

This week and next, stay tuned every weekday for new episodes of The Story. And if you aren’t already, be sure to subscribe here.

Our Origin Story

On A Mission To Lift People Up

Chad Grills, our amazing CEO here at Mission, was onsite at the Salesforce Tour in NYC! (If you missed it, check out his talk about why kindness matters.)

If you ever wondered what our origin story is — how we went from a three-person team editing a publication to a small business running an expanding media network — Chad shared it at the conference. Here’s Salesforce’s write up:

“Did you hear about the husband, wife, and family friend who founded a company because they were tired of all the incivility on TV and the internet? It’s not a joke — they launched this company that tells stories to improve people’s lives. They even gave their decidedly mission-driven new business an appropriate name: The Mission.”

Read more.


The Power Of Imagination

“Your mind, and its many functions, is one of the most influential operations of the brain. What is amazing is that the brain is unable to distinguish between the mind’s imagination and reality. Whatever your mind believes is real, your brain then truly perceives and processes as real.”

Imagination is a tricky thing. It can let us create the most breathtaking masterpieces… or it can cause us to freeze to death in a 66℉ container. 🥶🤔

Read the full article to learn more about that last one.

Sign Off 👋

Happy Hump Day!

Did you see us while we were onsite at the Salesforce Tour in NYC or at Sirius Decisions in Austin? Share your thoughts and photos with us on Twitter@TheMissionHQ!

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