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Readers of The Mission are a different breed; humans who are learning, growing, creating, and changing the world. Tribes like this need to be able to identify one another in the wild, which is why we’re working to create some premium swag. Below are a few things we’re working on. If you’re interested in any of them, feel free to highlight the ones that excite or intrigue you the most!


High quality shirts and hoodies- that are more than just logo bearers

Art- Think pro-humanist, technological, scientific, historical, and inspirational wall art and sculptures

Easy Place and Remove Stickers

Productivity Posters and Calendars

Aside from swag, our marketplace will contains a buffet of our favorite tech, products, and media we’ve been testing, using, or have in the queue to recommend.

Tech + Products

1. Mevo, the live event camera

Imagine you’re looking into a video camera that is livestreaming to Facebook Live, Livestream.com, and has an interface that allows you or your team to edit the live video in real time.

That’s only a snapshot of what the brand new Mevo does.

“The sleek Mevo camcorder fits in the palm of your hand, yet its 150-degree all glass lens and 4k sensor enable the iOS app to control up to nine virtual HD cameras. Live editing includes the ability to pan, zoom, and cut between multiple live shots from a single camera, providing the same storytelling capabilities used in professional live productions. Mevo can also be easily added as a remote camera in Livestream Studio.” — The Livestream Team (makers of Mevo)

The team at Livestream was kind enough to send us the brand new Mevo + filming kit.

We’ve tested it, loved it, and we’ll be using it for our upcoming live hangout/Q&A with readers on Aug 27th at 8am-9am PST (11-noon EST). During the hangout, we’ll be giving away five of my favorite imagination boosting books to one lucky reader. Find out how to enter for your chance to win here.

2. [Robot Name Redacted]

We recently had a chance to get a behind the scenes look at a consumer robot that is in development by a company here in the Bay Area.

After getting a look at the robot’s mannerisms and abilities, I have a feeling that every single family in the Bay Area (along with property managers, real estate agents, and AirBnb hosts) are going to want one. We can’t share anything else (yet), but as they get closer to launch, hopefully we’ll be able to share more about the groundbreaking developments behind it, and the adorable name and brand they’re creating. [Update] The robot builders contacted me, and we’ll be scheduling a behind the scenes visit to their labs soon. :)

We have plenty more awesome pieces of tech and products in our testing queue as we speak… stay tuned.


Explorations by Bryan Johnson and the OS Fund is a three part video series about the future of artificial intelligence, genomics, neurobiology, synthetic biology and 3D printing.

Part I – Code is the New Language of Creation

Part II – The Future of Human Intelligence

Part III – Changing the Nature of Nature

We mentioned this series in one of our newsletters before, but I can’t recommend it highly enough…

Stranger Things

Stranger Things is remarkable in it’s own right, and it contains trace hints of ET, Stand By Me, and Aliens (just to name a few). If you’re hungry for some eighties nostalgia, or a story about a group of underdog kids fighting a corrupt system… watch the eight episodes from season one. They come complete with an original soundtrack/score composed by Survive (Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein).

That’s everything in our marketplace for now!

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