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What can I start today that will benefit me for a lifetime?

A Quick Thought

Originally appeared on Quora by Dylan Woon.


Imagine you have one of the world’s greatest car.

But you live in a city with horrible roads.

Can your car perform at its supposed speed? How would you feel?


Imagine you have the world’s greatest computer.

But you run out of electricity.

Can your computer assist your work in any way? How would you feel?

In either case…

Your optimum performance and potential are limited because you lack infrastructure.

At the society level, the infrastructure we usually talk about are roads, electricity and connectivity. We often take it for granted when it’s there. But once we lose it, our life is turned upside down.

Infrastructure is definitely important.

At the same time, there is another more subtle, yet crucial level of infrastructure:

Your personal infrastructure.

  • Your personal infrastructure is health. Without health, you can’t really do anything, no matter how ambitious you are.
  • Your personal infrastructure is good habits. Without good habits, each day becomes your worst enemy, no matter how much better you aim to be.
  • Your personal infrastructure is growth mindset. Without growth mindset, where you are today is where you will be 10 or 20 years later, no matter how high your IQ is.
  • Your personal infrastructure is conscience. Without conscience, you will harm everyone and ultimately yourself, no matter how strict regulations are.
  • Your personal infrastructure is peace of mind. Without a peace of mind, you have defeated yourself even before the world defeats you, no matter how hard the world actually tries to help you.

Based on my experience, it’s simply impossible to overstate the importance of personal infrastructure.

Start building your personal infrastructure today.

It will benefit you for a lifetime.

Dylan Woon writes more here.

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