What is Atop the Summit of Your Life?

If You’re Confused About Your Purpose, You’ll Be Confused About Your Life

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When you look at the wonder that is your life, what do you see?

Do you see darkness? Do you see clouds? Do you see a shining light that is beckoning from above?

What would you say if you were to ask yourself, “What is my purpose in life?”

What comes up for you when you say that? What is beckoning forth from the darkness? What do you really see?

I know it’s a hard question to ask, but it’s an important one because it will define everything you do moving forward. It will act as your lighthouse in life, and a beacon to move forth from all your darkness.

“What Is My Purpose In Life?”

I often ask myself this question.

I’ve discovered my purpose is to inspire others to live the greatest life they can. Not just anyone else, but other writers. I do the work that I do to help other writers — they’re why I do anything I do.

They’re the reason I breathe. They’re the reason why I am me. I know that now.

Before, if you would’ve asked me what my purpose was, I would’ve faltered.

I probably would’ve mumbled out some semblance of words in search of some meaning I thought I was capable of making someday. Some meaning I thought I wasn’t capable of making true in my own life then.

The problem was that before I never saw the truth of my possibility. Even if I saw some aspects of it, I never really believed it was true. I never believed I could ever reach it in this life at all.

But in this moment, I can see the Summit. I see it in all in its glory now.

Sure, on some days my vision is a bit muggy and unclear or confused, but my direction is never unclear. Because I have my map now. I have my compass.

So whenever I’m confused, it just means I’m not really looking at the direction on my map. It just means I’m not being present and connected to my vision of the Summit ahead.

The rest of the journey simply involves putting one step in front of another and making my way towards reaching that Summit one small step at a time.

What Is Your Compass in Life?

My Summit is my map and my compass. My Summit is my destination, my end goal, my purpose in life. It is my reason for living. It is my essence for being as it is an immovable part of my core.

Frodo has Mordor. Roland has the Dark Tower. The Man in Black has the Maze. We all have something to look towards.

Each character has a journey and each journey has a destination, and it’s not going to be easy to get there. Since you are the hero of your story, how will you determine your path forward today?

You can’t think about what will happen if you reach your Summit. You just have to keep moving forward one step at a time and hope that one day you will reach that destination. Even if you don’t, you’ll have paved the way forward for others to go, and improved the lives of others by some aspect that was not present in this world before.

Money, fame and recognition are irrelevant as nothing matters when the Summit is in view. It is all just a means to an end, a step on the warpath to greatness, and a method to unlock your inner being inside.

What is your Summit? And what can you do to unlock your inner greatness today?

Keep the day-to-day actions small, but the larger vision big.

Stake Your Claim in the World Today

If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you ever get there? You’ll just be lost, wading around in a swamp with nowhere to go.

But with the compass, you have your destination. You’ll always have your set end point. You have your way forward for the rest of your life.

Now it’s your time to move forward, inch by inch, and reclaim the steps that have been lost. It is your turn to reach your destination and leave this Earth a better place than how you found it.

That is your creed in life. This is your mission. The summit is your beacon for when times get dark, and your vision to light your path forward always.

So move forward towards it. Keep moving and shine bright, because you are powerful just the way you are if you would only take the steps you needed to unlock your inner power today.

It doesn’t even matter if you get to the Summit in the end. Life is meant to be a journey, and in the end, the only thing that matters is if you tried.

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