What should you publish on Medium vs. on LinkedIn?

Alex on Unsplash

I have already written about why you should write on LinkedIn to build your personal brand. I recommend reading this article first if you are not familiar with creating content for LinkedIn.

When I first started writing, I asked the same question as everyone else: “uh…what should I post here?”

I started writing on Medium after I was already comfortable with creating content on LinkedIn. However, at the time, I frequently asked myself the following questions:

“What should I write on Medium?”

“What I should save for LinkedIn?”

There are enough similarities between the two websites to develop a content strategy unique to each site, Medium and LinkedIn.

Now that I write on both platforms, I am frequently asked about how I divide my content between LinkedIn and Medium. I answer that I ask myself the following five questions to decide where to publish my writing:

Is the content directly related to either Medium or LinkedIn?

Firstly, remember that people browsing Medium love to read about Medium. And LinkedIn users love to read about LinkedIn.

However, if you are writing about Medium on LinkedIn, then your advice must be accessible to people who don’t know anything about Medium. And while I’m sure that almost everyone on Medium has heard of LinkedIn, a large number of them are unaware of the trends, features, and content that make LinkedIn a vibrant community.

Here’s an example of this point:

If there’s a viral hashtag campaign on LinkedIn, then the average Medium user will probably not know about it. However, you can still write Medium articles inspired by a LinkedIn trend if you focus on telling the story behind the trend instead of relying on a hashtag for brand recognition.

For example, the #LetsGetHonest campaign on LinkedIn could make good Medium content, as long as it had proper framing and storytelling.

Can I put the same content on both platforms?

Short answer: yes! Many people post the same articles to both their LinkedIn and Medium profiles. I do that and I’ve noticed Michaela Alexis and Bobby Umar do the same thing.

You can publish the same articles via Medium and LinkedIn’s publishing platform. In addition, you can also take a Medium article and refurbish it into a LinkedIn post (as opposed to a LinkedIn article).

You can recycle both your content AND your bottles. // Thomas Picauly on Unsplash

Is it political?

Longform political think pieces are better-placed on Medium, which is home to a gorgeous UI and vibrant political discourse. Political discussions on LinkedIn are…considerably more wild. LinkedIn is not the place to plant your partisan flag and fight everyone in sight.

As someone who is interested in politics and social issues, I sometimes slip some news-related content into my LinkedIn feed. I discuss issues that I truly care about, even when they don’t get as much engagement as my usual networking tips.

However, when I write about something political on LinkedIn, I ensure that it is not divisive. For example, I posted an anecdote about Canada’s Federal Budget Day traditions (aka the Finance Minister buying new shoes) and I have also commented on how the #MeToo movement intersects with Canadian politics. These posts are peripherally political but they are safe enough to prevent my comment section ballooning to epic (and angry) proportions.

This isn’t too political for LinkedIn, but that’s just because it’s a photo. // John Bakator on Unsplash

Is this a good fit for a Medium publication?

Medium’s publications are engaging bodies of work followed by thousands of people. If you write an article that is a good fit for The Startup, The Mission, or The Ascent, then you should pitch your piece to these publications. If you can get your article into a big Medium publication, then that is one reason to publish a specific article on Medium instead of on LinkedIn.

Have I posted any new content lately?

This question is simple. If I haven’t written on Medium in a week, then I am going to write an article for Medium, and the same goes for my LinkedIn.

The goal is to remain consistent on both platforms, even if you have a huge following on one and a handful of followers on the other. You never know when the next LinkedIn update will decimate your reach or whether you’ll get sick of writing on Medium. It’s best to put your eggs in more than one basket and build both your LinkedIn and Medium accounts.

Kathryn LeBlanc is a writer and digital strategist living in Ottawa, Canada. Her writing can be found on LinkedIn, Medium, and Vice. Tweet at @kat_leblanc to say hello ✌️