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What We’re Excited for at SIGNAL!

The Mission On Location

If you listen to The Mission Daily, then you are well aware that we are pumped for the SIGNAL Conference on Oct 17 and 18. Our team will be on location at SIGNAL!

For those of you that new to The Mission (or haven’t been following along), Twilio is hosting SIGNAL, the customer and developer conference of the year. SIGNAL will be packed with product announcements, amazing performances, inspiring stories, and insights from industry-leading visionaries.

If you don’t have your ticket to SIGNAL yet, head over to signal.twilio.com and get your ticket for 20% off by using the promo code: MISSION20.

Here are just a few reasons why we can’t wait for SIGNAL (and why you should check it out with us):

Incredible Keynotes

SIGNAL will be overflowing with the developers, the builders, the innovators, the doers, and the dreamers who are reimagining how the world communicates. Here’s a small taste of the keynotes offered:

  • Jeff Lawson, Twilio, CEO and Co-Founder
  • Christine Roberts, Twilio, Vice President and General Manager, Super Network
  • Chris Wilson, Shopify, Director of Merchant Support
  • Ken Natoli, Domino’s, Director of Delivery Technology
  • Erin Reilly, Twilio, Vice President of Social Impact
  • Alicia Nieves, Streetwide.org, Project Lead
  • Chetan Chaudhary, Twilio, General Manager & Vice President of IoT Business Unit
  • Evan Cummack, Twilio, IoT Product Leader
  • George Hu, Twilio, COO

Check out the full list here.

Over a hundred Breakout Sessions! Whaa?

Yup! On top of awesome keynotes, SIGNAL will host over 120 breakout sessions. These sessions are designed to help you learn, practice, apply, and network!

Breakout session topics include everything from AI and machine learning to IoT, security, and digital ethics. Learn more about the breakout sessions offered here.

Tony Hawk and the Co-Creators of Westworld

Grab your helmet and board because legendary skateboarder and entrepreneur, Tony Hawk, will be making a special guest appearance.

Also on the list of awesome speakers are the co-creators of Westworld: Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan! (We are HUGE fans of Westworld, so this is kind of a big deal…)


Okay, okay, so the truth is about to come out… Here’s the BIG reason we are so stoked for SIGNAL… 🙈

OK Go will be performing at $Bash, SIGNAL’s closing party. (The fangirl in me is screaming just typing that.)

On top of this bound-to-be-awesome performance, $Bash will offer ten different rooms for you to explore. These include a ball pit, a room for Developers and Dragons, and ‘The Cloud.’

Learn more about what you can expect at $Bash here.

Need an Email Template to Send the Boss?

Want to attend SIGNAL, but aren’t sure the boss will let you go?

Twilio’s got your back. Copy and paste the following email:

Dear Your manager’s name,

I’d like to request your permission to attend SIGNAL, Twilio’s customer and developer conference that explores the intersection of technology innovation and communications on October 17–18 in San Francisco.

By attending this conference, I’ll have opportunities to:

Build my skills with hands-on experience with foundational APIs like Voice or SMS — or other Twilio APIs like insert other products you believe would help with your current software need.

Receive early access to products announced at SIGNAL as well as valuable insight into product roadmap and direction.

Learn best practices, build new relationships, and dig into your biggest Twilio questions with the engineers who build Twilio Voice, Twilio Video, Twilio SMS/MMS, and other new Twilio APIs.

Strategize and network with other (insert your job title and/or businesses that are building communications who can share their vision and lessons learned.)

Gain Insight into what customer engagement looks like and emulate the customers who have shipped and scaled hugely successful, Twilio-powered apps with authentic and differentiating customer experiences.

Here’s an estimated breakdown of costs:

Domestic airfare estimate $600.00

Hotel (4 nights at The Park Central) $1,236.00 ($309/night)

Registration fee $750.00

Total $2,586.00

After the conference, if needed, I’ll distribute a post-conference report that will include what I learned and a set of recommendations to increase our productivity and maximize our investment.

Thank you for considering my request to register for this event. I look forward to your reply.


Your name

And did we mention the discount?

We said this up top, but it’s definitely worth reiterating:

Readers of The Mission (that’s you!) can get 20% off on tickets by using promo code “MISSION20” at checkout.

Not sure if you will be able to make it to the whole conference? Do not fear! You can still enjoy SIGNAL’s keynotes! You can see them for free by getting a Keynote Only Pass, or by tuning in online at twilio.com.

And, if all the above reasons aren’t enough to convince to attend SIGNAL, maybe this one will be:

The Mission Will Be on Location at SIGNAL!

That’s right, folks! We will be there on site. So grab your tickets now, and be sure to stop by and say hi!



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