What you are afraid of

Is not death

Is not Trump

Is not heights

Is not gaining weight

Is not getting fired

Is not being broke

Is not losing a loved one

What you are afraid of

Is living

Is the depth of what it means to be human

The feeling of loneliness that terrifies your bones

The feeling of abandonment that leaves you numbing

Drinking, eating, watching, typing, sniffing

You are afraid of what it would be like to be alive

Just here present with all that is

To stop doing, running, feeling like a contributor to the society

You are afraid of going there where it hurts

Because you think there is a better alternative

That alternative is to swim pretending the ocean is shallow

So you get stuck on the surface of life

And you barely taste joy

You often don’t even taste true love

Because love lies in the deep cold ocean

Love is for those who dare to live

Don’t tell me you are afraid of dying because you do not know what death is

So jump

Jump and tell him you love him

Jump and quit the job you hate

Jump and tell your partner the truth

Tell her you feel disconnected, you need help, you are not sure

Jump and say sorry to the friend you hurt

Most importantly jump and get carried away by the currents

They won’t lead you astray

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