When to Outsource Accounting for Your Small Business

Eric L. Mitchell
Sep 5, 2018 · 3 min read

As a small business owner, there’s always a lot to worry about. You’re often pressed for time, and you may find controlling every aspect of your business is a hard nut to crack. One crucial area you’ll likely need help in is accounting. The reality is there are many benefits you can enjoy from outsourcing your accounting and we’ll explore when and why you should consider it.

Stay Focussed

When it comes to small businesses, the owner is generally the vision bearer. No one can grow your business better than you can. However, there are many accountants who can oversee your financial situation better than you. Therefore, doing your own accounting might be a considerable waste of your valuable time or perhaps even a mistake. As you focus on business growth activities such as hiring, selling and raising of finances, your outsourced accounting team can come in handy in processing your payments and invoices, managing your vendor relationships and looking after your overall financial direction.

The Best Expertise

Can you really put a price on peace of mind? Accounting firms specialize in accounting services, so they are the best when it comes to getting your accounting tasks done quickly and correctly. As well, they can provide the expertise you need for such things as loan applications and determining your legal structure. These are experts who can help you file your taxes and prepare financial reports that correspond to compliance and regulatory standards. They can also help you ensure you stay within your budget and be incredibly helpful when dealing with the government, purchasing your competition, selling your company or just creating a solid business plan.

Financial Savings

Outsourcing accounting services, as opposed to having an on-staff accounting team, will save you some cash. Why? You only pay when you require their assistance. That’s obviously not the case if you hire an in-house accounting services team because then you’ll have to pay ongoing wages and benefits, as well as any overtime. Additionally, you’ll need a wider working environment fitted with the necessary hardware to make their work efficient. That means more overhead expenses for your business. The money you save can be reinvested to help grow your business.

Access To The Best Technology

Choosing the best invoicing and expense reporting software can be challenging. The good news is that an accounting firm is in a better position to suggest the best available and proven accounting technologies in the market. Why is that important? For example, cloud-based accounting applications allow you to access up-to-the-minute financial records on a web browser. And, that’s important because you’ll want to ensure quality bookkeeping without always reaching out to the accounting firm.

Make Adjustments

Besides the accounting services you’ll receive, a firm is also typically in the position to offer your business sound advice that can improve your cash flow by pointing out where to cut and where to improve costs. With positive cash flow, your business is likely to grow.

If this type of guidance appeals to you, be sure to shop around for an experienced firm. Most experienced accounting firms are likely to assign a team to your business that will make available your accounting records any time you need them and will offer you insights into potential trouble. Also, sound knowledge of your accounting books enables the firm to help you create a reliable business forecast that allows you to know what to expect from your business and how to handle it in your favor.

Outsourcing your accounting truly does offer many benefits to a small business owner. However, to reap the maximum returns, it is essential that any business owner looking to outsource their accounting does their research. Be sure to look into the background of any potential service providers. Check on their areas of expertise, security practices and reputation. You need to be comfortable with whomever you choose to work with and that’s only possible once you know exactly what they have to offer.


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A network of business & tech podcasts designed to accelerate learning. Selected as “Best of 2018” by Apple. Mission.org

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