When you feel lonely

A poem by Jessica Semaan

When you feel lonely

Remember that you are not alone in your loneliness

A sea of lonely humans roam our planet every day

When you feel lonely

Quit the mind chatter and listen to the truth your heart has to tell you

When you feel lonely

Stay there, and feel it deeply

For the more you feel it, the sooner you will see beyond it

Yet all you want to do is run, run and run


For your loneliness will keep chasing you until you look it in the eyes and listen to it

For it is a messenger from the great beyond

Hold your loneliness

Accept your loneliness

And soon you will realize

You are never lonely when in the presence of the trees and the oceans

You are never lonely in your own company

Your own company that is impatiently waiting to share with you secrets, dreams and tales

You are never lonely when you feel the compassion in your heart, and realize there is no difference between you and them

There is only us

There is only one

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