Why Ethics are So Important

Being ethical is important to me not as a right or wrong issue but a strong versus weak issue. When I am ethical I am much stronger and able to operate with conviction, speed and power. When you are confident you have nothing to hide or be ashamed of and it is much easier to make decisions. In business, you will be constantly challenged. At those critical moments, you have to fully trust your ability to do the right thing. It’s important you have zero attention at those times on moments you have been unethical.

Recently, I made a decision that I realized I didn’t feel good about. The following morning I called my COO and said, “I don’t feel good the payout of bonus to some of the staff. Monday when I come in I am going to fix it.” The staff was actually alright with my decision, but I wasn’t.

“When I do the right thing I no longer have attention on it.”

Ethics is not just about how other people feel, but how you feel. Unless you are a psychopath you know right from wrong. You know how you want to be treated. When I treat another in a manner I wouldn’t feel good about I also don’t feel good about it — ethics.

When I do the right thing I no longer have attention on that decision. If you want to become strong and powerful and move with speed and conviction you never want your attention on something in the past. You and I can’t be strong when we are worried about something in the past. When I operate ethically in my life I am much more powerful. When I consistently do the right thing and have nothing in my life to hide from or be ashamed I can operate with power, conviction and confidence.

Ethics doesn’t make for a boring life, it makes for a powerful life.

Hope this helps,

Grant Cardone

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