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Why Excessive Consumption Limits your Creativity

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“When a creative artist is fatigued it is often from too much inflow, not too much outflow” — Julia Cameron

Excessive Consumption Causes Decision Fatigue

Excessive Consumption is Harmful to Our Attention Spans

Excessive consumption results in multitasking and attention residue:

People need to stop thinking about one task in order to fully transition their attention and perform well on another. Yet, results indicate it is difficult for people to transition their attention away from an unfinished task and their subsequent task performance suffers. — Sophie Leroy

Excessive Consumption could be Bad for Our Mental Health

No matter what you accomplish, achieve or do, somebody is always up to something far more epic than you are if you live your life through the lens of your Facebook news feed.

Reduce Your Inflow

When you limit the inflow, you increase the energy that can be directed towards your outflow. You create more than you consume.



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