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Why Having a System is Essential to Increasing Your Creative Output

  • James Clear utilizes a system of 2 articles a week for his writing
  • Seth Godin’s system is to publish a piece every single day
  • In David Kadavy’s recent post about how he increased his creative output, he might not have explicitly stated it. But he’s using a system.
  • My personal system for the better part of the last few years has been 1000 words a day combined with this 8-step daily routine

Systems vs Goals

3 Elements of an Effective System for Creative Output

1.It’s something you Control

  • Write 1000 words
  • Take 25 pictures
  • Go to the gym twice a week

2. It results in output/progress

3. It can be measured

Systems Free up Your Cognitive Bandwidth

Systems Create Momentum Over Time

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