Why I Launched A One Dollar Marketing Agency.

Seriously. Marketing for $1.

Let me tell you a fun story.

I launched a $1 marketing agency. Seriously, that’s the pitch. It’s an agency where I offer marketing consulting for $1.

I sit down with clients for just 30 minutes, ask them a series of questions, work through where their marketing fucking sucks, and give them my honest, no holds barred feedback and ideas.

For a buck.

I did this for the first time a few years ago, when I tried an awesome growth hack. I was just starting out in tech/startup marketing, and I wanted to get in front of as many founders as I could.

So I jumped into a bunch of Facebook groups and I offered people a marketing consultation session — where I would give them my feedback and ideas on their own marketing — for just one buck.

If you steal any idea from me, steal that one. Because the contacts I made through it are still valuable parts of my network today!

I’ve been emailing founders, CEOs and marketing executives, with just one pitch:

Hi there,
My name is Jon Westenberg and I’m the founder of the $1 agency. We’re good enough that we just won a Platinum Hermes Award for one of our campaigns, The Slant. We’ve worked with clients from venture backed startups to companies like Hubspot, Macy’s & Zova.
We do marketing consulting for just $1. Seriously, that’s the pitch. 
For $1, we’ll sit down and work through your marketing, find where youy need some work, and offer our suggestions.
Sounds crazy, but we’ve helped our clients generate over $200,000 in additional revenue just through the advice that we’ve given in these sessions.
Are you free for a chat about Increasing your revenues with a new marketing strategy? It’s the best buck you’ll ever spend.
You can get started right here:
Look forward to hearing from you,
Jon Westenberg

Since I launched this, I’ve done over 40 calls. Over 40 of the $1 consultations. People love the idea, and they can’t wait to sign up for them. Why?

  • It’s different. It’s unexpected. It’s enough to make my pitch stand out from all the other people offering consulting services. It’s a hook, and far too many businesses don’t think they need to have one. But they’re wrong.
  • It’s valuable. Folks, I want to tell you something that you will never disprove; as soon as you give something away for free, people don’t give a shit about it. As soon as you slap a price tag on it, people assign value to it, no matter what the price.
  • It proves my expertise right off the bat. Wouldn’t you want to do business with somebody who can come up with an idea that makes you instantly want to book in a call with them?

Q. But 43 calls only = $43. So why do this?

A. Because it turns into real business.

When I get somebody onto one of these calls, they’re better than a warm lead. They’re a red-hot lead. Because they’ve already taken the one step that nobody wants to take — they’ve paid me money. They’re over that first hurdle. They’re past that first gate.

The mindset that they’re in allows me to:

  • Demonstrate what I can do by cracking open some awesome ideas
  • Show them how much they want that insight
  • Offer them products and services that are going to give me MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue)

It’s the Fiverr effect. People want the upgrade. Folks on Fiverr don’t make money from doing $5 tasks, they make money from upselling the fancy shit that makes those tasks way better.

It’s McDonald’s. Maccas (that’s what we call it here in Australia) get you into the drive-through to pay for a $2 menu item and they hit you up for fries and a shake before you know what’s hit you.

So far, the $1 agency clients have turned into a bunch of recurring contracts that are worth a minimum of $5,000 in monthly revenue. That’s 5,000 times the value of the consultation.

It’s a weird idea, and it’s way out there, but it works. And that’s what the hustle is all about. Trying things that are so far left field that they take people by surprise and get them over the line.

You can book your $1 consultation here!


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