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Why Leadership = Storytelling

“The great storytellers have an unfair competitive advantage.” — Bill Gurley

LEADFULLY: Why is storytelling a must-have leadership skill?

The great storytellers have an unfair competitive advantage. They are going to recruit better, they will be darlings in the press, they are going to raise money more easily and at higher prices, they are going to close amazing business developer partnerships, and they are going to have a strong and cohesive corporate culture. Perhaps more to the point, they are more likely to deliver a positive investment return.

L: How are leadership stories different from the stories we tell around the campfire, or in movies?

L: Can you share an example of a leader achieving concrete results with storytelling?

L: Do leaders need to be vulnerable—to share something about themselves—in order to be effective at storytelling?

L: What’s your #1 piece of advice for integrating storytelling into one’s leadership style?



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