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Why Less is More for Last Crumb

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“There’s no silver bullet to building a good business. There’s not going to be this one thing you just do and all of a sudden you are successful.”

If I told you that you could get the Rolex of cookies delivered to your door, would you be interested in that? Matthew Jung certainly was, and that’s why he went to work for Last Crumb, and since he joined the company, it’s become one of the hottest DTC brands with a waitlist about a mile long. What was the secret to creating a massively in-demand product (other than delicious cookies of course)? Find out on Up Next in Commerce and read more below.

What are the big questions you should ask when building a new company?

The first one is pretty simple: why does this company exist? What problem are you trying to solve or what are you tyring to bring into the world? From there, you can start to build the foundation upon which a brand can scale.

“We just stemmed everything back to the customer experience. We started with three clear pillars that we analyzed everything that we did. And this is one of the things that [Last Crumb co-fouonders] Derek and Alana and myself worked on a lot in that first 90 days, which is what are our core values? And for us it was the customer experience is the most important thing at all costs.”

Should you still be investing in email?

There has been talk about email being on the way out. Is that true? Not according to Jung. From his perspective, email is one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers, particularly if you are investing in that channel and few others. It’s all about where else you are engaging with your customers, and email still maintains its place as one of the most direct lines to consumers.

I think that email’s here and it’s a lot easier to communicate with people. It’s also easy to be clear. And for us, I think that because we have such a short window that people can buy our product there isn’t really a better option aside from maybe SMS or doing a couple of other things on social to drive people like we do with email to the site. I also think that it gives us such an opportunity to create multifaceted experiences based on purchase history, recurring customers that allows us to go deeper and actually have more fun and delight customers that are coming back or maybe haven’t purchased in a while or have never purchased that is just a lot harder to do with other channels.

How do you build organically?

As simple as it sounds, it all comes down to having a really great product and experience. If customers are surprised, delighted, and, best of all, blown away by the experience with your product, they will talk about it with others and organic buzz will build. The important thing to remember, though, is that you can never be satisfied. You have to always work to make your product and experience better, even if it already is blowing people away.

“I always say when I talk to people, ‘I can’t wait for you to get the box. It’s literally going to be the best thing you’ve ever received.’ I know deep down that there’s nothing I can do to overhype it because it’s that good. The packaging is that good. The shipping box is that good. The unboxing is that good. We have a 40-page magazine that comes with every box that goes into detail about all of the flavors. It’s that cool. And then you taste them and you’re like, ‘Oh my God, this is the best cookie I’ve ever had…’ [but] what I’m saying to myself isn’t we’ve created an amazing unboxing experience, it’s like, ‘No, you haven’t.’ Because if people aren’t posting about your product organically, talking about it, if people like Doja Cat aren’t posting your box and talking about your box, it’s not the best unboxing experience, and you should go back to the drawing board.”

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