Why Stealing Is The Only Skill You Need To Succeed At Everything In Life

When it comes to deciding which skill yields the most benefit and indeed provides you with a competitive edge, people often struggle to name one. The reason is that there are so many skills one can acquire. Moreover, each skill has its own field of application and can benefit you differently.

Nevertheless, if you take a minute to ponder the skills that have become strong prerequisites of one’s prominent accomplishments, you are likely to be surprised finding out that the one skill all successful people share is the ability to steal.

It is not about theft, though. It is about the ability to steal knowledge.

We all were taught that stealing is illegal and shouldn’t be a norm. However, it is only applicable when we talk about objects, money or any other kind of property. Moreover, you are not likely to become more successful if you steal those things.

If you steal money, it will last until you spend it all.

If you steal things, you will possess them until they are used up.

If you steal fame, one day it will fade.

If you steal power, very soon someone else will steal it from you.

The only thing you can steal and keep forever is the thing that won’t ever be expropriated, lost or used. This thing is knowledge.

Expertise, ideas, methods, approaches, skills, secrets, tricks, practices, strategies, tactics— all kinds of knowledge that you can acquire and use to your own benefit.

Stealing knowledge is not about thieving someone’s intellectual property, though. It’s not that straightforward.

It is about stealing the knowing in a good sense. Moreover, there is nothing bad in stealing if you actually steal the things that are free.

In fact, you do not actually need to thieve anything. Instead, you need to learn how to identify the information that actually can add value and absorb it in a proper way.

The world is full of great ideas, thoughts, opinions, wisdom, examples, and stories. The only way to profit from all these assets is by observing millions of bits of information and adopt only those that would help you succeed. In other words, by stealing.

The ability to notice valuable signal in the world full of noise is what can let you achieve your aspirations and succeed at everything in life.

Stealing, in its broadest sense, is the ability to extract the most important information from everything you read, see or listen to and apply the acquired knowledge to your own life.

The surprising thing is that the ability to steal lies in the foundation of every massive win. Every story of success is the set of proven strategies, best practices, common knowledge, and often simple ideas that were one day borrowed from others.

Embrace the truth. Originality is not always the only way to success.

No one requires you to be original when it comes to ideas you implement. It is enough to improve something that has been already invented.

No one requires you to be original when it comes to decisions you make. It is enough to apply something that has already worked out.

No one requires you to be original when it comes to methods you use. It is enough to employ something that others have already tested.

Copying others, borrowing their ideas, and applying them to your life is not only fine… it is by far the best and the shortest path to success.

Don’t be afraid of copying someone. Everybody out there already does this.

iPod wasn’t the first MP3 player. Nevertheless, it is the best now.

YouTube wasn’t the first video sharing site. It is the biggest.

Beats by Dre weren’t the first headphones. They are the most famous now.

Facebook wasn’t the first social network. It is the most popular one, though.

Google wasn’t the first search engine. Today, it is an integral part of our lives.

Tesla wasn’t the first electric vehicle. It is a trendsetter now.

Snapchat does its best to equip the app with the innovative, cutting-edge features. The guys from Facebook don’t hesitate to simply copy them.

Good artists copy, great artists steal — Pablo Picasso

Develop a habit of stealing and make sure to accompany your learning and discovery processes with the process of borrowing, copying, imitating, and adopting the best pieces of knowledge.

Borrow thousands of people’s brains to turn your own vision into reality. Steal from what you read, see or listen to. Make sure to turn every book, podcast or movie in a good bargain.

If I read a book that cost me $20 and I get one good idea, I’ve gotten one of the greatest bargains of all time — Tom Peters

Whenever you read about yet another story of success, make sure to analyze the key factors of success and learn how to apply the same things to your own life.

Whenever you hear about yet another massive win, figure out how it all happened and steal that knowledge to achieve your own accomplishments.

Whenever you see some great idea works out, find out what made it prosper and steal that knowledge to make your own idea blossom.

Whenever you see a man who succeeds in the field you like, take some time to steal his knowledge and realize what lets him accomplish the outstanding results.

Knowledge is something that cannot be lost, expropriated or spent. Your knowledge is the most precious asset you can ever have. Therefore, learn to steal the most valuable knowledge and become a knowledge theft ninja to accelerate your personal growth and become better than you ever thought possible.

Steal from this article!

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