Why we always procrastinate on what’s important (to us)

Whenever we want to accomplish something important to us, there always seems to be a forces stopping us from movement. Like the handbrake is on.

It’s like we want the result, but we don’t want to do the work.

The secret to getting started is to stop being selfish.
Let me be clear: I don’t mean start helping others.

Helping others is great, but you’ve got to help yourself before you can help anyone else. Otherwise, you’re just looking for meaning and attention. And that’s selfish.

To stop being selfish is to stop wanting everything right here, right now.

One day, I woke up and I didn’t know to pay rent to the end of the week.
I desperately wanted things to be different for me, right here, right now.
But I wasn’t willing to put in the work to be there someday. Because all I cared about was today. Not someday.

So I never started. Every day I would wake up with no progress. Every day I’d wake up in the same situation. Every day I’d wake up with my body was shrinking, my income had more zeros, but to the left.

Then I got it.

Everything changed when I started thinking two, three, five years ahead, that I understood it wasn’t about me, it was about my future. And I understood that my situation today wasn’t created today, it was generated in the past.

This year, I travelled for six months throughout Europe.
In the meantime, my business more than doubled, and I worked with top executives and 7–8 figure founders worldwide to help them get a grip on their calendar, and take their business and lifestyle to the next level.
I have incredible friends that follow me around, even when I travel. They inspire me with their projects and their behaviour.
I wake up and I train every day.

None of this was accomplished today.

I can only thank my past self and I have a duty to pass on the gift to my future self.

What gift are you going to create for your future?

Take one action today, to give yourself an unfair advantage tomorrow.

– Matt

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