Why we built Evabot for Slack

And how you can claim free coffee gifts for your team

PS: If you are already impressed and want your free coffee gift, you can add Evabot to your team’s Slack by clicking here.

It all started with this-

Amir from Slack got a gift from Esther (two of the amazing people in chatbot space) and he loved the experience. He then invited us to meet 😃-

Slack had just launched “shortcut buttons” to simplify structured conversation for bots. Launching Eva on Slack suddenly made more sense. Eva is based on a structured conversation paradigm (and not AI/NLP although we do basic NLP to understand the type of gift people want to give when they Cc Eva in an email). Our structured conversation works extremely well because we did one-to-one texting with at least 100 users before launching Eva bot (#bots best practice).

When we launched Eva, we thought of client relationship building and ROI. Hence, we built an email and web based chat-bot to help sales and partnership teams. But our data also showed high affinity for internal-team gifting and Slack rules when it comes to internal communication. This, along with the “shortcut button” launch was enough reason to develop a Slack bot for team gifting 🙌.

During the development phase John from Slack helped us quickly solve some bugs🐛 and got his “Thank you Coffee” gift from our team.
John got his coffee gift for helping us quickly build Eva bot for Slack

A few weeks later, we came up with this-

Eva Slack bot- demo

A fully functional Slack bot that allows team members to recognise and reward each other’s work through a “real” coffee gift.

How does this work?

  1. Add Evabot to your team’s Slack from Slack App Directory.
  2. Invite Evabot to any channel and start sending appreciation “coffee” gifts.
  3. Evabot then chats with the person receiving the gift and gets the required information.
  4. Our Happiness Agent 🎅 arrives with the perfect coffee gift. The experience creates joy (for both gifter and giftee) in the smallest and most effortless way!
  5. Eva also listens 👂 to keywords like ‘gift’, ‘send’, ‘coffee’ etc.
Sending Appreciation Coffees are as simple as this
Accepting Coffees are fun

Why add Evabot to your Slack channel right away?

👉 The first person to add Evabot to the team’s Slack channel gets a coffee ☕️gift from Evabot(limited time only).

👉 And then the team gets 2✌️ free coffees to gift others. After that you get bulk discounts as well…😋

So what are you waiting for? Go right ahead and gift your team some coffees. Make their day🙌!
There is one small catch: Evabot is currently gifting only in San Francisco Bay Area.

Use cases:

  1. If you already use Growbot or PlusPlus you know how important it is to recognise your team’s hard work and small achievements. It not only helps in building a cool culture but also in motivating the team. Evabot takes it to next level! Next time you have a daily/weekly leader on Growbot/PlusPlus consider sending him/her a coffee as appreciation gift. The coffee will come as a gift with some chocolates, a hand-written card and a big smile from our happiness agent who will take a photo of the experience (which will be sent back to your Slack channel). Isn’t this amazing?
  2. Eva also listens to keywords like send and gift. Someone solved a bug, gift them a ☕️. Your colleague helped you with your work, send them a ☕️. It’s 4 PM and team is tired, send everyone a ☕️!
  3. It’s Friday? Gift 🍻 instead!

Also, for a limited time we are offering a 30% discount on team gifting. You will be able to see details once you Add Eva to Slack.

Our Goal with Eva for Slack:

Companies spend so much time, effort and billions of dollars in building a great company culture. This includes employee perks, awards, team lunches and gifts. But with advancement in technology most of these perks, awards and gifts are becoming virtual, which is sad! Our goal is to help companies build a great culture through real gifts which put a smile on people’s face and encourages them to appreciate their peers more.

Jean got his coffee gift from Eva
If you have read this far and haven’t added Eva to Slack better do it now 😊

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