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Why You Should Organize Your Life With Lists

Under my “irrelevant blog post images” list, I found “yawning cat.” Lists are amazing!

Brain: “Dawg, Don’t Make Me Remember All Dat Jank” (sic)

Lists Boost Your Creative Power By Storing Important Information For You

Lists You Might Want to Have

  1. You’ll be reminded of it more often than once every 17 years.
  2. Writing it down elevates it from a “LOL yeah right!” idea to a “Dang, I wrote it down. I might actually try to do it” idea. Writing things down creates a much greater sense of intention, which is one of the most powerful and important action generators.
  3. Writing down the big, massive goal is a great opportunity to create subgoals. Subgoals and sub-subgoals make impossible goals doable. Any decent list software will have this capability (my recommended one does).


Business ideas

  • Sell cotton candy to construction workers at lunch
  • Create a MLM ponzi scheme disguised as “owning your own business”
  • Steal fruit from neighbor’s tree and sell it back to him as fruit juice

Romantic ideas

  • Take her to Wendy’s, and secretly get her an extra order of fries ❤
  • Give her some leftover cotton candy (from work)
  • Tell her about how she too can own her own business… and then surprise her with a kiss
  • This is why I’m single, isn’t it?

Software Recommendation: Wunderlist

The Importance and Power of Sublists

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