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Why You’re Not Happy With Your Career

“I was that stupid person that chased significance and did whatever I could to make money so I could have more flashy stuff to impress people that didn’t matter”

1. You don’t do “valuable” work

2. You watch Netflix instead of going out and networking

“Those humans that you watch on Netflix are not adding any value to your career. They’re sucking time out of your life and making you dumber by the minute”

3. You don’t hustle hard enough

4. You’re not well liked

5. You don’t understand it takes years

6. You don’t engage in personal development

7. You don’t understand “good enough”

“The key skill of people that are happy in their careers is that they get on with the job”

8. You don’t give it a go

9. Your personal life is out of control

10. You don’t give to people that need your help

11. You’re not trustworthy

12. All the answers stay in your head

13. You settle for comfortable

“Comfortable decisions lead to results that make you unhappy in your career. Get used to being uncomfortable if you want to be happy with your career”

14. Happiness is a state of mind

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