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Woah… slow down there, Fred…

The Mission Newsletter, 10/4/18


Some of Our Favs From the Archives

Human Connection is the Key To Marketing -
There is no doubt that marketing and advertising are key factors in the success of any business, large or small. Mark Viden knows that better than most. But as the VP of brand and marketing at Dignity Health, Viden has made forming human connections just as central to the mission of the brand as turning a profit.

Stop Consuming. Start Creating. -
“During this time, I read one-hundred-and-twenty books about business, psychology, and marketing. When I stopped reading, I noticed something.

My life hadn’t changed.

Even though I felt smarter, more creative, and capable, I was in the same place.

I had taken no action to get a better job, make more money, or create something valuable for others.

It was here I began to understand the power of becoming a doer. Over the next two years, I would optimize my life for taking action.”

Creating a 360 Customer Experience -

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Advocating for Competency-Based Education

Episode 7 of Education Trends

Making education more accessible to a greater number of people is one of the biggest challenges facing educators today. Scott Pulsipher, President of Western Governors University, believes that this can be addressed by switching to competency-based and individualized education.

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News that Matters

- Recent studies show that the percentage of parents who purchase healthy side options to kids meals has declined since 2013.

- Millennials are in debt. 😱 The most common is student loan debt, but credit card, auto, home loan and other types of debt are also putting millennials in financial hardships.

- There are doctor-recommended amounts of sleep, exercise and screen time for children. In the U.S., a new study reports that only 5% of kids meet the guidelines in all three categories.

- Here’s a car Fred from The Flintstones would be amped about

Called the FitCar, the prototype pedal-powered-vehicle has a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine powered by a pair of bike pedals rather than gas combustion.

- Surprisingly, out-of-home advertising (aka billboards and signs in buses) is growing.

- A recent study in a British research journal ranks America at #27 in ‘human capital’ — a far and steady fall from its ranking of #6 in 1990.

- “The Numeraire token is about to become the cryptocurrency of the entire hedge fund industry.” Check it out.

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