Writing in New York

One of my dreams comes true

Jess in Wonderland!

Greetings from the Big Apple!

To say I’ve written both my novel and a Medium article in Manhattan is amazing to me. Other than the day we got in — which involved a red-eye and a decent trek to our AirBnB — I have written each day I’ve been here. In fact, yesterday was an unbelievably productive and creative day for me, finishing 1,200 words and finishing short story 4 of 20 for my compilation novel.

There’s something about this city that electrifies me to write without pause.

And now I’m in a coffee shop (sorry, my bad, espresso bar), typing away with reckless abandon. The habit is thriving in the city, which makes me feel great about my potential in South Africa. The words come to me easily after a long walk in Central Park, or partaking in a cappuccino and croissant. Imagine what it will be like with a workout at the beach and a cappuccino at one of hundreds of Cape Town’s cafes.

The world opens up opportunities. My girlfriend and I are living proof.

Big City livin’ brings my gargantuan goals to the forefront.

The (drastic) change in location also reinvigorates my original ideas for what I want to do with my unbridled time abroad. Besides helping Jess with her copywriting and digital media business and writing like a madman, I really want to help other people with their writing.

That means accountability. That means showing people my writing process, especially when traveling. That means giving people quality content, applicable advice.

(Here’s something, for instance: Learn to work from anywhere. Limit distractions, begin to love coffee shops, listen to music that charges your soul and mind, and write no matter what.)

I can’t wait to focus all of my efforts to my priorities:

  1. Having out-of-this-world adventures with Jess, my one and only.
  2. Writing like a demon, finishing a novel, continuing my Medium blog
  3. Help other writers with their goals/dreams, going all-in on Patreon
  4. Getting to pique health (intermittent fasting, veganism, calisthenics).

To have each and every waking hour I have devoted to one or more of these is truly a blessing. I am forever grateful I have this chance to explore what a full life has to offer.

Like I said in a previous post, all I wanna do is sit in a cafe for 3 hours and write, dammit.

Well, look at where the f*ck I am now!

In a cafe. On hour 2. Writing and feeling completely at peace.

I’m here to tell you it’s possible. You can go where you want, do what you want. I wanted to travel to New York and soak the city in. I wanted to spit out Manhattan’s influence onto paper. I’m doing these things, embracing the moment. You can do the same.

It’s borderline spooky how many obstacles the universe has removed for us as we head towards our final destination. Every step of the way, it has felt right beyond measure that we need to be in New York, in Cape Town. And I swear, if you put 100% and then some you’ll be pleasantly, elatedly surprised.

You have one life. It’s cliche, I know, but why does that matter? You. Have. One. Existence. Use it right. Take those chances. Live out of that comfort zone. Knock that sh*t out of the park, give yourself one hell of a ride.

I mean…why not?

Jacob Lyda is a man on a mission…he just happens to change that mission constantly. He is currently writing a novel/short story collection and will — most likely — be documenting his journey of writing on Medium. Follow him at your own risk.

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