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Letter sent on Sep 28, 2017

You Are Exactly Where You Are Supposed To Be

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“I’ll tell you, there is nothing better in life than being a late bloomer. I believe that success can happen at any time and at any age.”
-Salma Hayek
It’s never too late to pull a Neville Longbottom.

2 Late Bloomers Who Found Success From Persistence

The story is the same: “I feel like I’m behind”

Ot’s hard getting older because we start to compare ourselves to others of a similar age who have more success, crazier experiences, or seemingly a better life. The hard truth is that most everyone thinks this way. But there’s always someone better off and always someone worse off, so comparing yourself to the most famous person in the world won’t help much of anything except making you more depressed.

If you’re not a Late Bloomer and find yourself much earlier in life, but with a similar struggle of feeling like you’re behind because you can’t break in, don’t fret. We can help. Read The Mission’s Early Bloomer series showing that you may, in fact, be closer than you realize.

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Hot off the Press…

“Let’s Meet Up”: Relationships and Fat Loss — “The parallels between relationships and fitness goals are staggering. It’s as if you could treat your relationship to your goals like you do with a long term partner. But we so often treat our fitness journey like a cold Tinder acquaintance that we might ghost in the next couple of days if it doesn’t get interesting or fun enough… Let’s start to treat our fitness like the love of our life and see what results that brings us.”

Imposter or Master? — “Procrastination through perfectionism is the most dangerous form of creative resistance. It can convince you you’re a master, when it turns out you’re an imposter.”

This Is How To Embrace Your Imperfections And Claim Your True Worth — Imperfections make us human. No one and nothing is perfect. Trying to ignore your downfalls, pretend they don’t exist, or white knuckle your way through them will do nothing but harm you in the longterm. Here’s how you can embrace your imperfections to be the best you.

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