You’re fat

You’re fat is how I greeted you

Yet you still showed up as you in every reflection of every mirror

You’re too achy I reminded you

Yet you were still hard at work, even when I fed you garbage

You confuse me I cried to you

Yet, every morning I scared you with my abusive thoughts, and you took it all

You’re cold I whined

Yet I have deserted you many nights, and abandoned you countless mornings, and you survived

You are going to kill me I lied

Yet I have watched you bleed, and suffer alone, with a cold hearted stare

I hate you I screamed

And yet for the 10,951st day we have been together

You watched me in stillness while I slept

You smiled at me with endless love when I wept

You showed up with compassion when I fell

And every second dear body, you see me, you watch over me and you love me

And when I finally saw you, watched over you and learned to love you

I saw, that you are God’s divine gift to me

You are the teacher I have been roaming the world for

You are the bearer of the unconditional love I read about

Dear body,

I wanted to ask for your forgiveness, then I stopped and saw, you never judged me

It was I, who has shot me with the same arrow over and over

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