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You Won’t Do A Damn Thing About What You Learn In This Article

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You won’t.

Or will you?

Nah, probably not.

I mean, who has the time, right?

I remember something Gary Vee said recently — it really struck a chord with me..

He said (and I’m paraphrasing)

“You know why I give all my advice away for free? Because 95% of you won’t do shit about it.”

I stand by this wholeheartedly.

I Honestly Don’t Know Why People Don’t ‘Do’ More

Part of me is saying ‘Tom, give people a break, they have lives and children and families to take care of.’

When I get down to it I don’t think that’s a bad excuse. I’m 25, I honestly know nothing about responsibility and I’m not going to act like I know everything about life.


I wouldn’t feel right about myself if I didn’t create something new in the last 24 hours. Weekends are my off days, but even then I want to film everything I can, you know?

I don’t understand why this same drive isn’t in other people who say they want to grow an audience.

Like, if you don’t have this constant itch to get to the keyboard, maybe you shouldn’t be pursuing blogging full time.

And maybe you’re reading this and you aren’t pursuing that. That’s fine, too.

But you gotta WANT to do what you’re desperately pursuing all the time. If you don’t, just stop — because that simply means you aren’t actually ‘in love’ with that thing you’re pursuing.

Maybe you’re just in love with what it’s going to yield you — free time, money, etc.

And that’s the problem.

So, How Do You Actually ‘Do Something’

I’m not about to give you a day-by-day check-box guide to accomplishing what you want to accomplish.

To be honest with you, there’s no real way to generate motivation out of thin air.

I don’t know where my motivation to ‘do’ comes from. Maybe it’s because I’m a millennial with a chip on my shoulder and I want to punch everybody’s opinion in the mouth.

Maybe it’s because I honestly have no Plan B to blogging.

Maybe it’s because I actually love creating new things every day in a written and visual format.

It’s a bad habit — not putting shit into action. It’s one we can all fall into — myself included..

But all I know is this..

Blogging Success Is All About Momentum

18 months ago I made a promise with myself to post 5 new blog posts per week here on Medium. The momentum that I built from doing over the first few months was astounding.

I created and created and sometimes I hated it but I decided to push through because I made a promise to myself.

Pretty soon writing became a legitimate habit. Like, I couldn’t function without doing it, and I think looking back that momentum is the key to building a sustainable “doer” attitude within yourself.

If you want to blog full-time, just take it day by day.

Make a promise and stick to it for a week, then another week, then another week, and pretty soon you’ll have this shiny new habit that you built up — and honestly that’s more important than 95% of the tactics and strategies I tell you about..

Because habits in today’s economy are hard to come by.

Here’s The Punchline Of This Article

You see, I told you you’d learn something in this article. The punchline is that success in anything comes from building momentum.

It’s actually easy to get started with something — what’s hard is continuing to do it. It’s easy to read an article and KNOW how to do something.

What’s hard is doing something about it.

I know the headline of this article is harsh. I don’t mean to speak down to anybody. What I mean to do is to challenge you, because I think anybody can become anything if they’re properly motivated.

I respond well when people say I won’t do something or I can’t do something — so that’s all I was trying to do with the headline.

You see, we all have the capacity to “do.”

We’re all alive right now, aren’t we?

That means we’ve been through a shit ton of stuff to get to right now — this largely unimportant moment where you’re reading an article that took me about 2 hours to write.

So act like it! You CAN do. You CAN decide to start down a path to another life if you want to — it just takes a commitment to building initial momentum.

I hope you do.

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