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Your lymph vessels are making you fat

The Mission Newsletter, 8/30/18

“You measure the size of the accomplishment by the obstacles you had to overcome to reach your goals.” — Booker T. Washington

The Hardest (But Most Valuable) Habit to Learn

Episode 88 of The Mission Daily

Chad and Stephanie talk about how to identify the true source of your anger and how to avoid taking your anger out on people who don’t deserve it.

Listen to Episode 88 of The Mission Daily.

The Mission Daily is a podcast dedicated to accelerated learning and helping you become healthier, wealthier, and wiser. It is designed to help you learn — as fast as you possibly can.

News That Matters

Yale University’s weight loss plan

Basically, there are two cell receptors that help pass dietary fats from your intestine to your bloodstream. A couple researchers were sitting around eating string cheese one day and one of them said, “Hey, what if we just deleted those cell receptors? Then we could eat string cheese all. day.” They tested it on their lab mice friends, and voila! Mice so skinny they had were practically invisible! And that’s called progress, folks.

No sleep, no money, big problems

Fact: 20–30% of Americans have chronic sleep deprivation.
Fact: It’s causing the United States more than $411 billion in economic losses every year.
Fact: That results in 1.23 million lost days of work each year.
Solution: Forward this email to your boss and shut the blinds. You’re doing a service for your country.

That one time Malcolm Gladwell gave all the free advice

Is there anything M.G. doesn’t know?! The New York Times best-selling author and hit podcast host sat down with Entrepreneur and doled out his tips for creatives:

  • “The people who tend to come up with the most innovative breakthroughs in a given field are people who approach the fields from the outside.”
  • “Ideas come as much from the world outside of you as your own thinking.”
  • “If you try to rush something creative, it will always fall short of expectations.”
  • “Learn to give the problems you’re working on the respect they deserve.”
  • “The value [you] bring is in how [you] re-present those ideas and the context [you] put them in.”
  • “Maybe ideas are cheap, but the ability to execute well is at a premium.”

Join us at SIGNAL!

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No pooper scooper required

1980: Real dogos
1996: Tamagotchis
2018: Aibo, the AI robot dog that can morph from a retriever into a pug and plot total world domination

Sony is relaunching its line of robotic dogs in the U.S. to include an artificial intelligence cloud plan. The new mechanical pup known as Aibo is capable of “making memories” and “developing a personality” and to add a little extra insecurity to your life “won’t always pay attention to you.” Yours for the low, low price of $2,899.

Your trip to New York is starting soon

The fourth annual ABI Podcast Upfront is headed to New York on Sept. 6 and some big names will be there to lend a little audio cred including ESPN Audio (ooh), Wondery (ahh), HowStuffWorks (eee), and WNYC Studios (kaboom).

“‘Podcasting is increasingly being recognized as vital to brands with ad revenues for this engaging medium forecast to double by 2020. With brands increasingly trying to build direct relationships with consumers, they are turning to podcasting’s ability to tell stories in unique and intimate ways,’ said Anna Bager, executive VP, Industry Initiatives, IAB.”

On the agenda: Behind-the-scenes exclusives, previews of new shows in the works, and a keynote from Slate.

College is H-A-R-D

61% of college students say they’ve sought counseling to help cope with the sheer anxiety of just. being. in. college. That was according to a 2016 survey by the American Psychology Association, and the future isn’t looking too hot. Students are quitting mid-semester losing the money they’ve already shelled out for tuition.

Universities are now working with insurance companies to help cover the cost of tuition should anything happen that forces the student to leave school.

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The Best of What We Are Watching

As if you needed another reason to love Ryan Gosling…

Our main man, Ryan G, plays Neil Armstrong in the latest space hit, First Man. 🚀 🌕

Based on the novel of the same title by James R. Hansen, First Man is about Neil Armstrong’s life and career.

“Upon his return to earth, Armstrong was honored and celebrated for his monumental achievement. He was also — as James R. Hansen reveals in this fascinating and important biography — misunderstood. Armstrong’s accomplishments as engineer, test pilot, and astronaut have long been a matter of record, but Hansen’s unprecedented access to private documents and unpublished sources and his interviews with more than 125 subjects (including more than fifty hours with Armstrong himself) yield this first in-depth analysis of an elusive American celebrity still renowned the world over.”

First Man will be released in a theater near you on October 12th! Check out the trailer.

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