Twine is Now TrueData

I founded Twine almost six years ago to solve a problem I had seen over and over as a marketer: how to bring high-quality data-powered targeting to the market. The team we’ve built since then has succeeded more than I could ever have dreamed, with offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, and India; revenue growth every quarter of our existence; and a roster of clients that includes the most prominent names in the business.

And today brings another milestone: we are changing our name from Twine to TrueData.

What’s behind the switch?

When we first started as a company, “Twine” captured the sense of how mobile data connects us all. There is no better way to understand consumers today than through the rich weave of data on their mobile devices, and there is no stronger digital thread than the one that connects people to their mobile phones. Ask yourself: has any device ever been this personal? That’s the story of the twine in Twine and it has been compelling.

But from the beginning, we’ve also stood for a lot more. At our foundation we have always chosen to take the harder path towards building our data assets, vetting each partner and each data type and turning away most of the data we see. We’ve achieved data scale by, ironically, selecting quality over scale at each step, and earning trust slowly along the way. And we’ve fiercely protected the interests of our partners and their users, digging deep into data rights and privacy long before it was in vogue.

When we sat down last year to think about how to present this commitment to data that is real, vetted, and verified, the word we kept coming back to was TRUE.

True means honest. It means direct, accurate, and forthright. It gets, really, at what a lot of data companies miss. Instead of opaque algorithms, extrapolated data, broad and senseless audience categorizations, and outright fakery, it promises fundamental truth: Truth In Data.

The idea energized our team, and we knew we’d found the promise we wanted to bring to the market. We began using the term TrueData to describe our core commitment to data that comes from vetted, verified actions, that describes real people and problems, and that always respects consumer choice and privacy. It’s a bold claim; as one of our board members said, “Are you ready to step up to that? It won’t be easy.” The consensus was a resounding, “Yes!” We know we can do this. We have been doing it since 2013.

Having made the commitment to Truth In Data, and having seen the energy with which people have reacted to the principles, the last step was to take it all the way, and change our name. Goodbye, Twine; hello, TrueData. We’re changing our name and our logo, but we don’t consider it rebranding. What we’re really doing is bringing our brand into alignment with where we’ve been as a company from the start.

So, yes, we have given you yet another name to track in the landscape of data companies. Does the market picture need another logo? Probably not. But does the advertising ecosystem need a quality data company that champions transparency, reliability, accountability, and consumer consent? We all know the answer to that one.

And here is the thing about Truth: either you believe in it or you don’t. You can’t really hide in the grey area of glossy marcom. And if you believe in it, then you should be picking partners with the best chance of getting you to that Truth. So let’s start a conversation about your business and your data needs, founded in fact and truth. We think you will find it refreshing.

Take a look at our new website to find about about:

Truth in Targeting
Truth in Intelligence
Truth in Identity
Truth in Privacy

… and of course, Truth In Data.