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Taiwan experience-COVID 19

The small island that was predicted to have the highest casualties and the most critical situation in COVID-19 pandemic other than China.

Taiwan’s outstanding performance in combating COVID-19 this time is for all to see. However, Taiwan did not achieve everything with pure luck; this achievement requires experiences sharing and the cooperation of the whole society. Therefore, contributing Taiwan’s experience to the world is an inevitable action to prevent further damages that any disease might cause to human species.

Some might suggest that Taiwan’s reaction toward COVID-19 is quicker than any other countries is because of the SARS epidemic in 2003 and the distrust against China that is deeply rooted in our nature. However, one thing that distinctively deserves to be pointed out is the comparison between Taiwanese people’s and other countries’ citizens reactions. As a Taiwanese student studying in the United Kingdom, I personally experience the different attitudes people have toward this pandemic. In the UK, people started with thinking COVID-19 is a mere flu that happens annually, and they kept the attitude that way until things have gone wrong. No one on the streets wear masks like Taiwanese people do, and some people even yell to the ones who are wearing masks believing those who wear masks are “sick”.

(Racism also happens in the UK during the time, but that’s another story.)

I believe that it’s the “citizens” instead of the “government” that matters during any epidemic, or even any crisis, as people constructed our society, and laws should be the lowest standard to regulate governed people.

After all, we need ourselves instead of solely the governing people to sustain our society.











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