Dear Diary 5/4/17

Hell Week Day #4

6:00a Woke up 2hrs before my alarm. Somebody’s ready to get rolling!

6:15a Toast, 2 eggs, some trail mix, coffee

9:30a Go time!

12:00p And we’re back. 3.5mi warm-up + 15.85mi of workout + 2 mi CD = 21.3mi total. Details: 3 x (10' @5:40, 10' @5:30, 10' @5:50) = 15.85 miles in 90 mins (5:40/mi avg). Felt great, legs did not feel impact of big mileage week so far.

This workout was really solid. Felt controlled the entire time. I did a quick scan of Strava and saw two similar workouts that I had completed in the past: – 11/21/15 – 3 x (10'@5:40, 10'@5:30, 10'@5:50) [skipped the last easy 10'] = 14.4mi in 1:21:40 (5:40/mi avg). Ended this workout early (didn’t have the fitness for the last 10'!), but looks like it was an identical pace to today with 2 less miles of running. Two weeks after this workout I ran my marathon PR (2:22). — 7/11/15 - 4 x (8'@5:45-:35, 8'@5:35-:25, 8'@5:55-:45) = avg 5:38/mi for 17.0mi. Slightly faster pace and 6' longer. This was my final big workout before winning the SF Marathon and quite possibly was the pinnacle of my fitness. THE best shape I have ever been in my life. The fact that I came so close to this effort on today’s workout is a very positive sign!

Only one way to react to that:

12:30p Lunch! Started off with some cold stromboli (leftovers!) while stretching before a more legitimate turkey sandwich with guac and some spinach.

1:00p Quick Macy’s trip to return some pants for an upcoming wedding. $81 back in my pocket! Glad I knocked out my one big social interaction for the day early so I can spend the rest of the day locked up in my house ;)

2:00p Nap/legs on wall for some post-workout lactic draining.

3:30p NormaTec. We’re taking recovery seriously today.

5:00p Fetch with Ridley. 4–5 ball tosses = 1 push-up?

6:30p Dinner! Spinach salad, stromboli, chicken flautas (prepping for Cinco de Mayo). Food is the best.

7:15p Too nice to stay inside! Sunset walk with Ridley.

8:15p Core! 5 minutes of abs (I need to bump this to 10 mins!), stretching and a bit of rolling. Legs felt great this morning after just a short stretch/roll the previous night, so I should continue to invest time each evening in making sure my legs are as fresh as possible for the next day’s effort!

What core am I doing? I discovered Carrie Tollefson’s workout videos a year ago and have found that they are so simple (and short!) that they’re actually manageable. I’ve stopped watching the videos (I’ve memorized the routines by now), but she’s got a great personality and her commentary is a nice distraction while you’re hurtin’:

9:00p Highly Questionable with my roommate, Chris. It’s our favorite.

9:30p End of Warriors/Jazz game. Our house dislikes the Warriors despite living in the Bay Area. Hard to root for a team when they are the favorites. Let’s go, underdogs!

10:15p Head’s down. Goodnight!

He’s beginning to believe!

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