3 ways to cope with all this “fantastic” technology

I’ve had this overwhelming urge to go “back to the basics” as of late, however I’m not referring to paring down my wardrobe with 10 mix-and-match options to create a more classic look. I’m talking about life before all this wonderful technology, specifically the “social” side of communicating with people in the world.

It’s really easy to get caught up in mindlessly scrolling through news feeds, and when your job or business includes using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other various platforms to connect with readers/consumers, the opportunity to get caught in a time suck of articles, images, and memes, all in the name of “working” happens all too frequently.

While pulling away from the exact medium that allows my readers to find me seems impossible, I can replace some of the mindless scrolling time with a few other activities, and accept the fact that nobody will die if I don’t post on Instagram five times a day.

More handwriting.

I recently stumbled upon some recipes written by my grandmother and thoughts of her smiling face and larger than life hugs filled my heart. Slightly obsessed with collecting old domestic books, one of my favorite parts of finding a pretty vintage publication is leafing through the pages for notes and the handwriting of a previous owner. Cookbooks often have memos jotted down, adding or subtracting one ingredient or another, and I like to imagine who that woman was, pen in hand, so many years ago.

I long for that beautiful scroll to be my handwriting so I printed off lettering tutorials to practice when I feel compelled to get online for no apparent reason at all.

More green, less screen.

Living ‘in town” has serious perks and walking not only gets me away from technology, it revs up endorphins and gives me an opportunity to explore my community. I’ve even left my phone at home during these adventures (GASP!) and you guessed it — nothing happened while I was out walking.

Allow myself to not do anything.

Sipping tea and watching the hummingbirds fight in my backyard has quickly become a fun evening ritual for me and my partner. Sans mobile devices, we chat about this and that, and get a great laugh watching the winged creatures buzz around protecting their respective feeders.

It’s easy to say I have a love/hate relationship with all this technology. Just like with any other habit, my go-to activity when things have slowed down during the day is to check my phone. I’ve already turned off all notifications, as I found every time my phone would chime to alert me of some “important” update my chest would start to tighten and I’d roll my eyes. Instead of resisting the urge to get online, using the replacement principle to incorporate simple and fun habits to my day has proven effective in my mission to break free of the obsession of technology.

How do you create a healthy balance when it comes to your own screen time?

This article was originally published in the Kane County Chronicle in September, 2018.



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