Geneva Wellness Weekend: Supporting long-term health and well-being

Elizabeth Rago
Oct 17, 2019 · 4 min read

Everyone’s definition of wellness is different.

For me, wellness has no size or perfect number. Wellness means having peace in my mind, body, and spirit, and my mission is to help other women find their peace to thrive instead of simply survive.

On the journey to support women, I’m excited to be a part of Geneva Wellness Weekend on October 19–20 from 9 AM — 2 PM at Cafe & Barr in Geneva with other amazing local businesses and practitioners.

A busy weekend promoting community health and education, Geneva Wellness Weekend is featuring a “Workout Crawl” with free fitness classes from: X’s & O’s Pilates, Peak Fitness Studio and Retail Boutique, Pure Barre, H4 Training-Geneva, Geneva Fit, Jazzercise Geneva, V Fusion, a Guided Meditation hosted by Salternative Spa, and more.

Registration is required for the “Fitness Crawl” as space is limited, so be sure to visit the Geneva Wellness Weekend events page on Facebook to reserve your spot and find out the location of your desired class.

A free drop-in class for kids of all ages will feature Silk Dancing at Harvey’s Tales on Sunday from 12:30 PM — 2 PM.

During the Open House at Cafe & Barr, several health and wellness businesses and practitioners will be featured including Modern Domestic Woman favorite, DeeDee Mehren, a Certified Holistic Nutritionist from Feed Mind Body Soul.

DeeDee Mehren of Feed Mind Body Soul. Image courtesy of DeeDee Mehren.

Mehren’s take on wellness is centered around the entire person, and when we spoke of diet and lifestyle choices, she shared her approach to wellness with her clients:

“We could be eating nothing but salads, green juice, and smoothies as well as exercising daily, and still be very unhealthy,” explained Mehren. “I approach a client’s goals around the four pillars of health-nutrition, movement, stress, and sleep.”

Mehren went on to describe these pillars holding up a table.

“If one leg is weak, whatever that table is holding up, will come crashing to the ground.”

At the Geneva Wellness Weekend, Mehren will be offering a free meal plan (valued at $20) and give attendees the opportunity to enroll in her “30 Days to Feeling Fabulous” program in January.

Geneva Wellness Weekend is hosted by Within Reach Health Physical Therapy + Wellness (WHR) located in Downers Grove and Geneva, Illinois. WRH will be giving away a free running analysis and sharing information about their services.

Dr. Brynn Rooney of Within Reach Health. Photo credit, Within Reach Health.

“Our mission is to inspire people to move well, live well, and be well through quality care, individualized attention, and coaching in self-health advocacy,” shared WHR owner Dr. Brynn Rooney. “We offer whole-body, whole-life health solutions.”

Physical therapist, Kayla Fujimoto Epperson. Image courtesy of Kayla Fujimoto Epperson.

Teaming up alongside Within Reach Health is a physical therapist, Kayla Fujimoto Epperson, who decided to organize the event because she wanted to highlight the local businesses in her community.

“Wellness is so much more than being physically healthy,” said Kayla. “Emotional well-being and mindfulness have powerful effects on an individual’s health. I firmly believe in empowering clients with education and specific rehabilitation programs that replace the word “patient” with “human being”.

If you’re looking for support to move forward in all areas of your life, Aimee Schlueter of Best in YOU Life Coaching offers a powerful process to help and will be at the Geneva Wellness Weekend Open House on Saturday as well to speak to you.

Chelsey of Green.Gypsy.Juice will be serving up healthy juices and smoothies at her shop on Saturday from 8 AM — 3 PM, with a complimentary dirty lemonade or spicy lemonade with every $15 purchase. (While supplies last.)

Indulge in juices and smoothies at Green Gypsy Juice. Image credit, Green Gypsy Juice on Facebook.

The Modern Domestic Woman will be in attendance serving up a dash of fun, conversation about mental health, and a raffle for a $310 self-care basket filled with goodies from area small businesses.

There’s so much more in store for you at the Geneva Wellness Weekend, I couldn’t possibly list all the perks you will experience in addition to the many giveaways you can enter to win Geneva Prize Packages.

All I can say is there’s an abundance of stellar services, goods, and information teeming in Kane County — all in the name of health and wellness.

For a full listing of this event with offerings, information, and fitness class locations, please visit the Geneva Wellness Weekend Facebook page.

A version of this article was originally published on October 17, 2019, in the Kane County Chronicle.

The Modern Domestic Woman

The MDW conversation includes everything that encompasses being a modern woman in the world today.

Elizabeth Rago

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The Modern Domestic Woman

The MDW conversation includes everything that encompasses being a modern woman in the world today.

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