The 4 Wicked men and an Innocent Man.

There was an innocent man named Mugdha. He is always caring and good to everyone. His innocence made him cannot succeed at any work. He lived in a rich colony in a city. But he is poor, and he has a family to look after.

In the same colony, there lived 4 wicked rich men. They do everything to get wealth. They are superb at getting wealth so fast. They are famous in that colony as 4 wicked men.

Mugdha wants to make money fast like them, and he thought of taking advice from them. The 4 wicked men decided to use Mugdha, who is innocent. They told the Mugdha to come the next day, and they would teach him how to become rich fast.

The next day, Mugdha came to them, and they told him to do some house chores, and he did. Then the next day they made him do menial works. Then the next day, they gave some more work, which has nothing to do with getting rich.

The innocent Mugdha lost his patience and questioned the 4 wicked men: when they would teach him to get rich. The 4 wicked men looked at each other and gave him a task. For doing that, he would get a lot of money.

The task is simple. He has to deliver a package. The innocent man was glad as he was going to make a lot of money. He with no thinking took the package to deliver it. There was a check post where police would inspect vehicles. The innocent man doesn’t know what’s in it. He knew that he has to deliver it, and he gets paid.

On asking by police he gave the package to the police, and they found that the package contains drugs and the innocent man is in shock. He got arrested and spent several years in jail. He regretted believing the wicked men to make money fast, and he had a lesson that he would never forget.

Moral: Be careful when you are in the company of wicked people and be cautious with their sweet words. Otherwise, you will meet a painful ending in your life.

Even in human life, we see people who get things fast in life, and we get inspired by them, and we even lose our moral values to achieve what we want in life following wrong people’s footsteps. You may get things in your life but you will lose character and you will meet a terrible ending in life which makes you regret your own life.



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Manikanta Belde

Manikanta Belde

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