The Ants that never ate sugar

A group of ants lived in a forest and never ate sugar. It’s a custom from their ancestors and no one knew why they never ate sugar. One ant wants to know why they don’t eat sugar.

An ant visits different places to find the answer. It met a very old ant and the old ant said that their ancestors once died while getting sugar from a place to their home because of heavy river flow. From then, they stopped eating sugar. This seemed foolish to the ant.

It decided to eat sugar and carried sugar with it to its home. All the ants looked surprisingly. Some ants even cursed it, but it didn’t care or tremble.

It explained the entire story and what happened actually to all the ants and all ants' mouths started watering, already looking at sugar. All came at once, and they started eating sugar.

From then, they ate sugar every day happily.

One unpleasant incident in their lives that happened in the past created a false custom that prevented them from enjoying sweetness.

This is not correct. It’s wise to break a custom that has no reason or logic and bring a change.

Even in our lives, we live by past experiences and traumas. We create new rules for ourselves and teach them to the next generations, and this is insane. Times change. The right thing is to leave your past and stick to the lessons you learn from it and grow into a better person, and this adds sweetness to your life.



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Manikanta Belde

Manikanta Belde


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