The Anxious Monkey.

There lived a monkey in a forest who is very eager to know things. It’s very anxious, especially about fights. If it comes to know that there was a fight going on in any part of the forest, it reaches that place fast and also encourages the fight.

With time, its anxiety or eagerness also increased so much. All animals know about the monkey’s anxiety and warned it not to indulge in other’s business, but the monkey never listened to anyone.

It continued to indulge in others' affairs, and it never cared about its own business. A group of foxes living nearby came to know about this monkey and thought of a plan to trap it and eat it.

As per the plan, they started fighting with loud noise and the monkey came near them and listened to them. They decreased their voices and fought, and the monkey came nearer to them.

Now they took a pause and the monkey came very close to them and started encouraging them to fight. The foxes started to fight by falling on each other.

In no time they surrounded the monkey and the monkey didn’t understand what was happening. They all pounced at once on to the monkey and killed it and fed on it.

The poor monkey lost its life by indulging in others' affairs. Even many people lose their valuable time and life by indulging in others’ business just like this foolish monkey. Only a wise man indulges in his own business.

MORAL: Take care of your own business and don’t interfere in others' affairs.



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Manikanta Belde

Manikanta Belde


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