The Competitive Kids

There are two kids who were neighbors. They were competitive. If one bought something another kid bought the same or better thing. This rivalry is so intense.

One kid is poor and prompt. Another kid is proud of his richness. One day, they competed on growing the best custard apple plants. So they bought the best seeds. The rich kid bought the costly seed to plant.

They both planted the seeds at the same time. The rich kid took care of the seed by pouring water in the early morning and evening. He also supplied other nutrients to his plant. The poor kid watered in the early morning, and he couldn’t afford for nutrients like the rich kid.

They both watered the plants every day. It’s been days since the poor kid’s plant started growing, however, the rich kid’s plant didn’t even germinate. The rich kid supplied more water and nutrients however the seed still didn’t germinate. After a few months, the poor kid’s plant grew in size and gave tasty custard apples. But the poor kid’s seed still didn’t germinate, and so he was sad.

The poor kid plucked few custard apples and gave them to the rich kid who is sad. Then the poor kid asked why the seed didn’t germinate. The rich kid said he didn’t know, and he even checked whether or not it’s growing by digging the seed every day.

Now the poor kid understood why the seed didn’t germinate. The reason lies in his lack of patience and hurry. The seed didn’t germinate because the rich kid kept digging every day to look at the seed’s progress, and he lacked patience. However, the poor kid planted the seed, and he patiently hoped that it would become a plant.

MORAL: Patience pays off, and it has a dominant role in success.

Even in our lives, we deal with such instances. We sow our ideas, and we keep digging them and check whether or not they are working. But knowing that they aren’t working, we give up. But you need to stop doing so. You have to begin working and you should hope results after a long term. Great ideas take time to showcase results. So you must be patient to see growth.



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Manikanta Belde

Manikanta Belde

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