The Cunning Fox And Innocent Tortoise

There lived a cunning fox in a dark forest. It used its cunningness and intelligence to get food every day. Many animals got into its trap and became its food.

One day there was a fire in some part of the forest. All birds started flying off from the trees to escape from that fire. There was a tortoise trying to escape, but it can’t fly like birds.

The fox was hungry in a safe place away from fire. It saw the tortoise and decided to eat it. It started encouraging the tortoise by shouting at it to jump off the fire.

The tortoise was already in fear and didn’t understand what was happening. As fox encouraged it so much. It used all its energy to fly off over the fire and fell into the fire and got roasted.

After a while, the fire was put off because of rain, and the fox fed on the dead tortoise. But the poor tortoise lost its life because of its foolishness and the influence of the fox.

MORAL: Never come under the bad influence. Such influence always brings pain and suffering in life.



If you loved Panchatantra Stories. You will even love this. As a kid, these stories entertained and inspired us and even grown-ups love these stories now. These short and amazing stories teach morals and lessons for life. These fables teach you how to deal with problems in life.

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Manikanta Belde

Manikanta Belde


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