The Diamond Mine and the Thief.

One day while a thief was going through a jungle, he saw shining objects on the ground in the middle of the forest. He took those objects into his hands and found that they are diamonds.

He followed these diamonds and reached a cave. He already picked up several diamonds, which is enough wealth to lead his life and his several generations.

The cave is dark and diamonds are shining that are stuck on the walls of the cave. Even the cave is full of poisonous snakes. But the thief ignored them and moved inside and started collecting diamonds.

He collected several diamonds, and he still kept gathering more diamonds. He found an enormous diamond, and he went to pick it up and on the diamond, there is a snake lying.

He didn’t care about that, and he started pulling the diamond out, and because of the jerk, the snake moved swiftly forward and bit the thief.

The thief fell on the floor within minutes and was dead because of the snake’s poison. He couldn’t even carry one diamond with him. He was all alone in that cave, lying dead like an orphan.

Moral: “Don’t ignore impending danger because of greed and always have control over your greed.”

Even in human life, we all go through this greed and fall for things easily that bring us suffering. We accept the wrong methods and offers in greed, and sometimes we lose our life itself.

This greed looks interesting and you may not control it, but if it controls you, you will meet a painful ending for sure. Don’t let your greed control you and lead you into dangers that can’t restore your life.




If you loved Panchatantra Stories. You will even love this. As a kid, these stories entertained and inspired us and even grown-ups love these stories now. These short and amazing stories teach morals and lessons for life. These fables teach you how to deal with problems in life.

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