The Foolish Monkeys

There lived a monkey gang in a part of a forest. The forest is full of green plants however in one season there were no rains and the monkeys got less food and soon all trees dried up and there is no food to eat.

All the monkeys decided to move to the other side of the forest. The monkeys have to cross a river to reach the other side. But they need a boat to move to the other side. The monkeys found an old boat and repaired it with things they found.

They started the journey in the boat to the other side. When they are in the middle of the river, one monkey pulled out a wooden wedge from the bottom of the boat. The water started flowing into the boat. Another monkey found this and pulled out one more wooden wedge so that the water entering from one hole will leave from the other hole.

However, water entered the boat from both the holes. Finding these other monkeys started working on the boat. Some monkeys made new holes. Some monkeys started jumping with fear. All monkeys soon sunk along with the boat and lost their lives.

While trying to fix the problem, they made the problem worse and lost their lives.

MORAL: Never make a problem more complex and worse while trying to solve it. Analyze the problem well and make the right solution.

Even in human lives, we face several problems in our everyday lives. While solving problems, we think so much and make those problems more complex than solving them.

Make sure you don’t make your problems worse by overthinking. Be calm and think properly to make better solutions for your problems in life.



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Manikanta Belde

Manikanta Belde


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