The intelligent crocodile and the three stupid monkeys

There lived 3 monkeys in the middle of the forest. They used to copy every animal and act like them for fun and while doing so they created a self-belief that they know everything and they can do everything. They became overconfident.

When they saw a tortoise, they walked like a tortoise. When they saw a fox running, they ran like a fox. When they saw a bird flying from one tree to another, they also jumped from one tree to another tree.

Because of their notorious nature and their overconfidence, the whole forest knew well about these three monkeys. One day these monkeys had a competition of jumping race with each other till the last tree on the bank of the river there.

All three monkeys began running, and they reached the bank of the river and a crocodile saw them and appreciated them for winning. Then it challenged them to have a swimming race with it.

The monkeys laughed and said that they would win easily. They said they know swimming very well. They also boasted that they know everything and they can do everything.

They started swimming along with the crocodile into the middle of the river at full speed. The crocodile swam slowly and waited till the monkeys reached the middle and attacked them.

Then the crocodile had a good feast on these 3 foolish monkeys. These monkeys died because of their foolishness and false confidence that they know everything.

MORAL: Never be overconfident and never be proud believing that you know everything. It always brings you trouble in life.



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Manikanta Belde

Manikanta Belde


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