The Rich Friend and The Poor Friend

There was a rich man in a city. He is generous, and he always helped the needy. He contributed most of his wealth to the poor.

This rich man has a poor friend. The rich man felt pity and gave a lot of money to the poor friend.

This poor friend is lazy and never worked. He is greedy and fake. He used people for his needs and left them when there is no use. He started making use of his generous rich friend to make more money.

This poor friend always spoke sweet words and always said that he would give even his life for his rich friend. The rich friend trusted him so much because of his words. One day, the rich friend went shopping, and he asked his poor friend to come along with him.

The poor friend thought he could buy some valuables using his rich friend’s money. So he with no hesitation accepted to go with the rich friend for shopping.

The market is on the outskirts of the city. They together started to market in the rich man’s car. In the middle of their journey, there were enormous stones, and they got down to clear the path.

As they got down, a gang of bandits surrounded them, and in fear, the poor friend ran away, leaving his friend there alone. The bandits looted the money and valuables from the rich man and left him unharmed.

But the rich friend was sad. He was not sad because he lost his money or valuables, but he was sad because of the poor friend who he trusted and helped always left him all alone there. The poor friend broke his promise.

Then the rich friend kept his poor friend away from him forever. the poor friend remained poor forever as no one trusted him or helped him.

The rich friend then realized and learned a lesson for life. He learned that he should not believe in fake promises, and he should be careful with people who use you for their own needs.

Moral: Never believe in false promises made by friends, family, or strangers. They have no value.

Even in our lives, we meet different people. We trust them easily and believe them. This way we allow them to use us. These fake promises by people deceive you when the time comes, and this gives a great pain.

Be careful with the people you trust in life. Not all come into your life for making it beautiful. Some people come to teach you lessons for life that you should never forget.



If you loved Panchatantra Stories. You will even love this. As a kid, these stories entertained and inspired us and even grown-ups love these stories now. These short and amazing stories teach morals and lessons for life. These fables teach you how to deal with problems in life.

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