The Rich Man and The Thief

There lived a rich man in a town. In the same village, there lived a thief. The thief always wants to get hold of the rich man’s wealth. But he failed to do so after several trials, as there is a lot of protection around his house.

So he planned to cheat the rich man and loot him. One day he came to the rich man’s house saying that he is a famous merchant who sells valuables and antiques. The rich man got interested in buying antiques.

Then the thief who was acting as a merchant showed some items which are ancient and antique. Those belong to others, and he looted them and got them.

The rich man bought them by paying a good amount. This business continued, and the thief kept selling items and made good money. Even the rich man believed him so much.

One day a few friends of the rich man visited his house. The rich man was so excited to show his antique collection to his friends. He brought all the antiques he bought and showed them.

Few friends surprised to find that few of the items are in that antiques belong to them. They lost those antiques because of theft. They told and inquired about those antiques that belong to them.

The rich man shocked and understood that all those items are looted ones. He told his friends about the merchant. So he asked them to come the next week so that they could see the merchant who sold those antiques.

As planned, all his friends were there, and the thief came as a merchant and showed them all items. He showed a diamond and told them that the diamond is precious. It costs a fortune, but he is willing to give it to the rich man at a low cost.

The rich man felt happy and planned to buy the diamond. This diamond belongs to a friend of the rich man. He found the diamond, and he knew it’s not valuable at all.

He called the rich man aside and told him the truth. They came to know that the merchant is a thief. They planned to get hold of him. So they called their people secretly.

Then they caught the thief who acted as a merchant and got hold of their lost valuables and sent the thief to jail.

MORAL: Be careful when someone offers you something that is too good to be true. Don’t fall for it and get cheated.

Even in human life, we fall for sweet words. We fall for fake offers. We fall for too good things, and we end up getting cheated most of the time.

Be careful when someone is offering too good to be true at less value to you. Think well before getting such things. Mostly no one is too good to be true and everyone wants to profit out of anything.



If you loved Panchatantra Stories. You will even love this. As a kid, these stories entertained and inspired us and even grown-ups love these stories now. These short and amazing stories teach morals and lessons for life. These fables teach you how to deal with problems in life.

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