The Story Of The Fake Rich Man

There was a poor man at a slum in a town. He always wished to have more money. But he was lazy to work for it. He always relied on others for every small thing. After some time, no one helped him with anything as he kept using people for his needs.

He felt sad as no one helped him, and he went starving for days. He went to the town to find some work to make money. But it’s different from what he expected. The town isn’t easy for him. He roamed on the streets with hunger and ate from the garbage.

After a week, he can’t stay in the town anymore and got back to the slum. But even at the slum, no one will help him. So he went into a store and changed his clothes to new ones and left the store without paying for the clothes.

He looked like a rich man in the clothes he theft. He went to the slum and everyone looked at him and surprised. The slum people surrounded him and started asking questions. The poor man liked the attention of slum people and he lied to them that he got a supervisor's job in a big company and he alone takes care of it.

All the slum people were in surprise and filled hope in them. They felt that the poor man became rich so fast and he can make even them so much soon. So they started being good with the poor man. They served the poor man in all ways.

The poor man continued to act as rich and he used to visit the town sometimes so that the slum people don’t doubt him. One day a neighbor of the poor man visited the town on some work. He saw this poor man roaming around roads from morning to evening.

Then he realized the truth that the poor man deceived all the slum people by telling lies. The poor man isn’t working at all. The neighbor who found out the truth went to the slum and shared the truth to everyone.

All the slum people were angry upon the poor man. The poor man came to slum and all faces of slum people filled with anger and irritation and even some people started abusing him using terrible words.

The poor man felt shameful for acting as rich and left the slum forever, and he had a terrible life later.

MORAL: Never treat your own people with scorn. Don’t fake your life to get things in life easily. Live and love yourself the way you are. Otherwise, you will meet a bitter end in your life.

Even in our lives, we look at such people who act rather than living. Even many of us act in life rather than living to get things in life or to prove to others we are happy and successful, which is fake.

Even on social media, we see people sharing their achievements and happy moments, which are fake most of the time. Realize that life is too short to keep acting. You must use the time you have been given and live your life the way it is. Never fake it and people who like you the way you are, will be with you and you need not fake it to get attention from others.



If you loved Panchatantra Stories. You will even love this. As a kid, these stories entertained and inspired us and even grown-ups love these stories now. These short and amazing stories teach morals and lessons for life. These fables teach you how to deal with problems in life.

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Manikanta Belde


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